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1UP and EGM Down and All Around Ramblings

Posted by zerofigures on January 7, 2009

Lot’s of rain today in NYC.  Train ride wasn’t bad.  Got a seat, and miraculously didn’t have anyone sitting next to me with “Restless-Me Syndrome”.  That’s what I call it when women can’t seem to keep out of their bags or just for no damn good reason keep on fidgeting and elbowing me every 5 minutes. 

Apparently some people seem to think that rain is a good reason to play sick, stay home and not come into work.  When my commute is 50 minutes and yours is 20 minutes, I feel no compassion.

Speaking of compassion, as a gamer, I must express my sadness about multiple losses to the gaming community.  Once Ziff Davis property, 1UP has been sold to Hearst Corporation’s UGO.  The worst part of it all, a large part of the 1UP staff has been let go as a result of the sale.  I didn’t use 1UP much, but word on the street is that they provided some quality gaming podcast. 

EGM, the finest gaming magazine for mature gamers has ceased publication. As if it wasn’t sad enough to see Dan “Shoe” Hsu go, now the whole damn magazine is done, thanks a lot ZD.  I seriously don’t think I’ll ever subscribe to another gaming magazine now that EGM is gone.  GamePro and GameInformer just don’t lay it out like EGM does, IMO they seem to target a younger audience.  I grew up with EGM and enjoyed getting an issue every month.  EGM was loved and will be missed.  Guess ‘ll have to rely massively on Joystiq and Kotaku now.

The gaming community is buzzing today about this news.  Some of my favorite sites are providing coverage of the 1UP/UGO/EGM situation.  More info through (1,2), (1,2) and

I wish everyone who got the short end of the stick well in their future endeavors. 


2 Responses to “1UP and EGM Down and All Around Ramblings”

  1. anonymous said

    1up is crap. I used to be part of 1up prior to the massive epidemic that consumed the site. The podcasts are crap and the employees at 1up are no different than reading some other blogging publication. Don’t even forget the entire debacle concerning a 1up employee who stole someone else’s Dead or Alive 4 Move and Technique Faq which was cleverly swept under the rug. That’s real journalistic integrity that Shoe had no problem getting on his soapbox and preaching to the rest of us. GameInformer is crap as well. Not a lot of online and offline gaming publications have real strong journalistic quality anymore.

  2. zerofigures said

    I can’t say that it was crap as i never really got into all of the functions, i did like the VG collection tracker thing. Site never really grabbed me though.

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