In other Gaming News

I’ve been contemplating the purchase of the Xbox One Elite Controller and notice that this $150 controller (in the U.S) is only $125 in the Asian Market through Play Asia.  Now I have to wonder if I should buy there or buy at Best Buy. I’m hearing decent reviews about it and hope to pick one up soon.

There was a lot of noise recently regarding Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune.  I had already preordered mine through a different japanese eRetailer but then learned that the Japanese version will not have English subtitles while the Asia version does.  Another Play-Asia purchase. Once upon a time I would have purchased the Collector’s Edition but I’m not sure I have the money at the moment.

I don’t even have a PS4 yet but I know I will be buying one, it’s just a matter of time before the right bundle is released and then I’ll be able to play my Onechanbara Z2 as well!


I recently picked up the Ryu figure and have to say , its a beautiful thing and very high quality.

I’ve since pre-ordered the Ken and await his arrival.

Chun Li has since been announce and I plan on purchasing her as soon as she get listed by a few retailers.

Play Asia has her up and I may end up purchasing from them.


I know I haven’t posted in a long time but I’m still collecting and will have a lot of pics to share.


Thanks for checkin in!


A-Label’s Black Lagoon Revy – 1/4 Cowgirl Ver.

Wow!  It’s been quite some time since I’ve cleared my mind on here but I’m back. WITH A VENGEANCE! Not really, but I do have some figures to ‘review’.  Recently had a day off and decided to open some figures instead of just storing them away after receiving them.  While I do love buying and collecting figures, I noticed that I’ve haven’t open and held one in a long time.  So today I went crazy and opened four recently received figures.

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Dead or Alive 5

News just broke on joystiq about 45 mins ago and while I can’t scream, jump for joy, or roll around on the floor like a mad man, I can pump my fist and punch the shit out of the air like I’ve never done before!

For someone who has followed the series from the beginning , I am extremly excited as I’ve had to wait too long for this.  PSP and 3DS versions aside,

Thank you Team Ninja, I have extremely high hopes for this game.

Amy Winehouse Dead at 27

Man, what a day.  Just got news that Amy Winehouse is gone.  I haven’t blogged in a while and am sorry that a situation like this is what it takes for me to return.  But I suppose that blogging is a way for people to release and express their feelings so here I go.

Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black album was so full of soul and awesomeness, as a fellow Brit, I feel in love with her.  That voice, in that package was a thing of beauty.  You felt it,  it moved you.  I first remember listening to her album driving south on I-95 to MD to see my then girlfriend and being completely blown away.  It was like Jazz, Ska and Reggae and so much more all in one.  It quickly became one of my favorite albums.  Seeing her gone down the path she took was hard and I hoped and hoped that she would get better.  While other watched her ruin herself I shook my head and wished she would get better.  You can’t even google her name without being bombarded by awful paparazzi pictures of her destroying herself. Amy deserved better but I suppose she did this to herself.

I’m not sure why things had to play out this way but I can only hope that others use her as an example.  All that talent and beauty gone to waste. I’m done.

RIP Amy and thank you for what you have left behind.

Prayers for Japan

Woke up this morning to some bad news, an earthquake has hit Japan , report are that it was either 8.8 or 8.9 on the Richter scale, the largest in Japan’s recorded history.

There isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said, the videos on the next and news streaming out of Japan says enough, as of right now I’ve seen reports of 1,000 dead.

NHK live streaming coverage

CNN Live New Stream

Great coverage by Jalopnik

Gundam fallen? – I read that the 1/1 scale RX-78-2 gundam had fallen due to the quake, but Gizmodo has updates on that rumor.  However Tokyo Tower has suffered damaged caused by the quake, again Gizmodo.

The amount of damage is of course going to be massive.  House, boats and cars are being washed away by Tsunami waves.  Lives are being lost.  It’s a really sad day and I hope the death toll doesn’t continue to rise.  I pray that everyone is able to locate their family members and able to come together.

Ninja Gaiden 3 E3 preview Trailer

So Tecmo, is this why I can’t play Dead or Alive 5 yet?

Sure it won’t be the same without Itagaki but I think I’ll be happy with what I get.

So please, after Ninja Gaiden 3 is complete and in my possession, please feel free to finish any new Dead or Alive game you might be working on (portable games don’t count, and please no photo games, just pure jiggly non-stop kick ass action).

I have enough faith in Tecmo to know Ninja Gaiden 3 will be awesome. The gave us NG Black on Xbox and Sigma one and two on the PS3 (notice those are the enhanced versions), and they did not disappoint.  I have my fingers crossed for some old school and new school badassery so please hurry up.

Fusion Works Gundam Converge Vol 2 Complete

Here we have Fusion Works Gundam Converge Vol 2.  There are 6 pieces in the set not including the one variant.  They are about 2.5″ tall each.

For their size they are pretty detailed and should make any Gundam fan happy.  The colors are sharp and the most work you’ll have to do to display them is attach their weapon and/or shield and head (if it came loose while Shipping).

Although they are sold like gashapon in boxes, they are not random.  Each box is individually numbered and pictured.  Kinda like some previous Bleach and one Piece sets.   Each volume has a variant.  In the 2nd set, the variant is the Unicorn Gundam with Bazooka instead of the rifle.  In the first set, the variant was an RX78-2 with bazooka instead of rifle.

Got this about a week or two ago and haven’t had much time to look at them, I did happen to take some pics I wanted to post though. Will post more pics once opened.

The last six pictures have been added for comparison.  The RX 78 is from the first set.… Buyer Beware!

I titled this posting with a question mark because I’d like to be proven wrong.  I’d like to think that we anime fans and Otaku now have another ally in our quest as consumer for goods.  Somewhere to find that one item we’ve been searching for that sold out months ago.  But lack of information and actions lead me to think otherwise.

I was searching for a figure everywhere, every website (I trust) that I have purchased things in the past from were long sold out.  This lead me to do a long web search to hunt this figure down.  I searched and searched and came upon who had 2 figures I was searching for well below the going prices.  I placed the items in the cart but my buyers instinct kicked in, as well as an old saying, “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is”.

So the research began.  The bottom of their website lists a blog, twitter and facebook.  The blog doesn’t link to a functioning site and the facebook doesn’t either.  The twitter does work but is full of links direct visitors to their main site.  I also found this blog they’ve created which is definitely complete BS.  I feel confident enough saying that due to the fact that a certain Mr. Peter Payne of who frequently updates his blog, wrote that story on Jan 21, 2011 (good eyes Cupcakez89).  I ‘d recommend subscribing to his blog, it’s full of great information on Japan through American eyes.  I did a BBB (Better Business Bureau) search and came up with nothing.  Continued searching and couldn’t find anything except another buyer thinking the same as me  (I hope they do another search and come up on this posting).

I then questioned the authenticity of OnA on MFC and someone  said they thought their cds were fake (I’m inquiring with them now).  So others agree that things don’t seem to be straight with OnA.  I’m hoping that we are wrong and they’re legit and providing our community with some awesomely discounted anime goods, but until then I won’t be providing them with any details of mine.   What’s your opinion on this?

UPDATE – I just got learned.  I know understand why the cd’s are being identified as fake and I agree.  Taking a product, slapping your own catalog number and logo on it , does not make it yours.  The quality of the item is sure to be lower than that of any official product. Thanks MFC.

UPDATE #2 – Peter Payne, owner and blogger, has commented and confirmed that is not a trustworthy site. Do not buy from