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Beach-goer Kokoro from DOAX2 by Kotobukiya

Posted by zerofigures on January 15, 2009


Ahhhh, it’s been a long time but here is the latest addition to my collection. The lovely Kokoro who first made her appearance in Dead or Alive 4. I’ve followed DOA from PS1 to Dreamcast to PS2 to Xbox to Xbox 360. The only version I never got was the Saturn import. The creators, Team Ninja, went on to make Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball for the original Xbox which was somewhat fun. That game received a sequel on the 360 which wasn’t very fun. The difficulty was increased and some feats were just impossible.

Kokoro (2)

Kokoro (6)Kokoro (5)Kokoro (4)

From that sequel, Kotobukiya has produced the “Venus on the Beach” DOAX2 PVC series. The previous releases include (not necessarily in this order) Kasumi, Lei Fang, Tina, Hitomi, Ayane and now Kokoro. When the first, Kasumi was released, importing these figures cost about $80+, the more patient U.S. collector could have picked up Kasumi for almost under $40 in some places. With each release, I seem to have to pay a higher and higher price. Normally Kotobukiya releases are able to keep low prices once a N.A. release happens but I don’t know what’s going on.

Kokoro (9)
I was able to get mine from GCS Toys & Collectibles. This small start up provides quality service and isn’t widely know. I was able to find my Max Factory Shana and Shuraki’s Char Rhousemann long after they had been sold out at other sites. I believe those two examples may have long been sold out from the site but they are just examples. I’ve placed many orders GCS and have never been disappointed. I was however disappointed to find out that business was not going so well due to the economic situation. As such the business may be going under. Normally I say it’s survival of the fittest, but the level of service that I have received makes me want to keep one of the better legit PVC and Hobby retailers around for a long time. All I’m asking is that anyone reading this will take a look at the site and see if you can find that rare missing item from your collection. Please keep in mind that the more legit retailers we have round who provide great service, the less you will have to turn to ebay and possibly buy a fake item.

But I digress, though I have the other figures, this is the latest DOAX2 figure and since I’ve wanted to test out my new XSI, she was the prime target. Hopefully the quality of the pics will improve as a get better with the camcera.

Kokoro (19)

The main thing I love about this figure is her umbrella. It’s an actual mini Japanese paper umbrella. I can’t say that this feature sold me on the figures since I’m collecting the lot, but it sure helped. Further up the handle you can find a locking mechanism which keeps the umbrella open.

Kokoro (12)

The other accessories include her Citron outfit from DOAX2, two small bows to be attached on her hips, the beaded neck strap and the base. The Skirt has built in panties to keep her bikini hidden when you display Citron.  A few pictures up you can the notches in her chest that allow her nexk strap to be attached.

Kokoro (11)Kokoro (8)Kokoro (10)

Her Apple bikini is not removable. It is permanently built on to the figure.

Kokoro (18)

This may well be my favorite of the DOAX2 Venus on the Beach series. This figure is simply beautiful. Maybe it’s my love of most things Japanese, but this Apprentice Geisha while not my favorite character in DOA4, has easily become of my favorite figures. Dare I say she is the most simple, natural and most realistic of the DOAX2 VotB series so far.

Kokoro (15)

Hey Kotobukiya, Christie, Helena and La Mariposa (aka Lisa) still haven’t been released. I’m sure that I’m not the only one waiting for them so please keep up the good work and I can guarantee you at least one sale 😉


7 Responses to “Beach-goer Kokoro from DOAX2 by Kotobukiya”

  1. Panther said

    Ah nice pictures, thought you would take more though. I have the limited version of this figure myself, did a review on her back in December. She really is lovely, something out of Kotobukiya’s league for once, because I had bad experiences with their normal figures from the August to November period, so she comes as a surprise. Then again, the DOAX2 series is something they are banking on since the figures are big and expensive.

    I would not mind a Helena too, maybe Lisa as well. It still depends on their pose though, and I am not a fan of the DOA series, just the girls.

  2. zerofigures said

    I probably took about a 100 pics but after being “selective” I only post about 20. I’m not a fan of Flickr fees/dues so I limit what I post there. I hit my limit a while ago but haven’t paid up since the figures are costing more and more by the day.

    Which figures did you have issues with from Aug-Nov, I have Christie at the top of my list and Helena at the bottom. Some how I feel Helena will have a huge bow in her hair……

  3. Chappy said

    I don’t know this character but for me she is one of those elegant figurines. I like it when she holds her umbrella. XD
    By the way, i hope you don’t mind me asking. Are you using a strong flash when taking the photos, because i saw shadow cast behind the figurine. I am a beginner for photo shoot for figurine. I would appreciate if you can visit my blog can give me some comment on my photos. =D

    • zerofigures said

      Elegant Indeed. I do love them so! I’ll be posting reviews of 2 figures I consider elegant in the near future, please check back soon.

      I don’t mind your question at all but must say that while I enjoy taking photos, that’s pretty much where my knowledge ends (I’ve been lucky so far to get good shots. I hope to learn much more in the future and will share what I know. I am using the stock flash on my XSI, with no customization. So shadows that may be cast I don’t have control over, I just repeat the shot till I get what I want. Amatuerish yes, but effective 🙂

      I will be visiting your blog. I can tell you what I like and what I don’t but take nothing to heart because I’m just a D-SLR newb.

  4. Panther said

    Zerofigures: After Elwing, Mao slowly went down, and Blanc Neige was the worst disappointment, her facial expression was what was the main thing that attracted people in the final sample and when she was released her face was almost totally different in expression. Kotobukiya’s limited Air figure, which I received in September, was also poorly finished. You can check the reviews for all except Mao in either the Figure of the Month or in the case of Air in the Featured Posts section at the top.

    Chappy: Flash is not good for taking pictures, you need good ambient lighting for figure photoshoots. Other than good ambient lighting, a good camera is also almost necessary, but it depends on financial constraints and other factors. A point-and-shoot can do just as fine, though normally indoors it is not wise to use it.

  5. zerofigures said

    Are you speaking of Blanc with the wand and cloak? I hope not since I got her, but have yet to open her. I hope mine proves to be different. I also got Air and hope my result will be different from yours. The Mao is nice but not exactly my type of figure. I tried to watch the Shining anime but couldn’t get through it.

    I will try to take your advice to Chappy and use it as well. We’ll see what happens:)

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