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Posted by zerofigures on July 20, 2008

Hello and Welcome to my blog,

If you’ve seen the name NegativeZero on some figure forum or blog, it was probably me, unless it’s someone posing as me.  I am still active in the figure community (not a big shot or anything but I know my way around) with no signs of retiring any time soon.

Ahhhhhh, What better day to start a blog than the present day.  Its’s the first of 3 weekends in which I will be staying indoors and keeping cool.  This isn’t a regular thing when my girlfriend is around, but she’s away on vacation traveling the world.

I get to stay home and save some money (which will likely be spent on figures so can we really call it saving).  But I digress.  While home on the first of 3 weekends I decided to do a figure inventory.  This included me disassembling my tower or boxes (filled with figures) and going through each one and making a list of the Character, Series and Company which issued the figure.  I began this feat yesterday and completed it today.  Took a couple of hours but it was well worth it since there were some figure which I thought I had purchased but hadn’t seen in some time so I wasn’t sure if actually lusting after the figure, I actually obtained it.

My list now let’s me know what lurks in those boxes that take up nearly 20% of my room; A little over 200 PVC figures (not including gashapon and two (yes two) >_< fake Kasumis.  Those were purchased before I knew any better but I now know to buy from trusted retailers only.

I am not just a figure collector, I a big gamer as well.  So I decided to take a video game inventory as well.  This is more difficult since I know some games are well tucked away and can’t be added to the list this weekend.  May be next weekend.

As My first posting, I welcome you and thank you for stopping by.  Pictures, News and reviews will be added once I learn the full workings of blogging.

See you soon!


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