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Time for some fresh Air by Kotobukiya

Posted by zerofigures on April 7, 2009

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I last posted.    Late January I did manage to take some pictures but have been sitting on them for nearly 2 months.  Can’t say I haven’t had the time but not sure if I’ve been motivated.  Another reason may be that the bulb I used in my lamp suddenly gave out and I sent it back to the company but have yet to hear anything from them.  It’s a Sylvania bulb and supposedly carried a two year warranty.  I only had the bulb a few months and since I had the packaging and receipt, I decided to take them up on their warranty.  It’s been a couple weeks now but I’ve yet to get any response.

Despite the lack of lighting, time or motivation the figures have just kept pouring in, so before I get too backed up in the review department I’ve decided to post during my sick day as aI rest at home.  These pictures were taken with the Sylvania bulb before it died.  I wasn’t 100% pleased with them but that might be the perfectionist in me.


Before buying this figure all I knew was the art.  All I knew was the art was on point, reminds me of NitroPlus art style.  Then learning that the figure was being done by Kotobukiya was just the final selling point.  It’s supposed to be limited edition or something but I doubt it will actually be limited in quantity.

AIR (1)

AIR (3)AIR (8)AIR (4)

There’s no cast off process for this figure.  While it might have been a nice addition, it’s not necessary.  Cleavage is on display and the backside is exposed but sparingly covered.  It’s a lovely pose and nicely executed.  Air is displayed leaning against an airbrush for support.  There is a little guy at the end of the air brush which may be an ink well of sorts I assume.

AIR (10)AIR (16)AIR (9)

AIR (19)

The only issue with this figure would have to be the hair.  The hair looks like it was just tacked on beneath the ears.  It just doesn’t blend in well with the rest of the head of hair.  Other have mentioned this in their reviews as well and I didn’t really know what they were referring to before I opened mine.  It’s a nice beauty of a figure and is a great addition to any collection.
AIR (7)

One of the great things about this figure is the creation process which was involved.  The entire process was recorded and aired on Japanese television.  The videos can be found on youtube. There are 9 episodes total, the first of which can be found here.  Finding the remaining 8 video is simple, just do a youtube search.

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Beach-goer Kokoro from DOAX2 by Kotobukiya

Posted by zerofigures on January 15, 2009


Ahhhh, it’s been a long time but here is the latest addition to my collection. The lovely Kokoro who first made her appearance in Dead or Alive 4. I’ve followed DOA from PS1 to Dreamcast to PS2 to Xbox to Xbox 360. The only version I never got was the Saturn import. The creators, Team Ninja, went on to make Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball for the original Xbox which was somewhat fun. That game received a sequel on the 360 which wasn’t very fun. The difficulty was increased and some feats were just impossible.

Kokoro (2)

Kokoro (6)Kokoro (5)Kokoro (4)

From that sequel, Kotobukiya has produced the “Venus on the Beach” DOAX2 PVC series. The previous releases include (not necessarily in this order) Kasumi, Lei Fang, Tina, Hitomi, Ayane and now Kokoro. When the first, Kasumi was released, importing these figures cost about $80+, the more patient U.S. collector could have picked up Kasumi for almost under $40 in some places. With each release, I seem to have to pay a higher and higher price. Normally Kotobukiya releases are able to keep low prices once a N.A. release happens but I don’t know what’s going on.

Kokoro (9)
I was able to get mine from GCS Toys & Collectibles. This small start up provides quality service and isn’t widely know. I was able to find my Max Factory Shana and Shuraki’s Char Rhousemann long after they had been sold out at other sites. I believe those two examples may have long been sold out from the site but they are just examples. I’ve placed many orders GCS and have never been disappointed. I was however disappointed to find out that business was not going so well due to the economic situation. As such the business may be going under. Normally I say it’s survival of the fittest, but the level of service that I have received makes me want to keep one of the better legit PVC and Hobby retailers around for a long time. All I’m asking is that anyone reading this will take a look at the site and see if you can find that rare missing item from your collection. Please keep in mind that the more legit retailers we have round who provide great service, the less you will have to turn to ebay and possibly buy a fake item.

But I digress, though I have the other figures, this is the latest DOAX2 figure and since I’ve wanted to test out my new XSI, she was the prime target. Hopefully the quality of the pics will improve as a get better with the camcera.

Kokoro (19)

The main thing I love about this figure is her umbrella. It’s an actual mini Japanese paper umbrella. I can’t say that this feature sold me on the figures since I’m collecting the lot, but it sure helped. Further up the handle you can find a locking mechanism which keeps the umbrella open.

Kokoro (12)

The other accessories include her Citron outfit from DOAX2, two small bows to be attached on her hips, the beaded neck strap and the base. The Skirt has built in panties to keep her bikini hidden when you display Citron.  A few pictures up you can the notches in her chest that allow her nexk strap to be attached.

Kokoro (11)Kokoro (8)Kokoro (10)

Her Apple bikini is not removable. It is permanently built on to the figure.

Kokoro (18)

This may well be my favorite of the DOAX2 Venus on the Beach series. This figure is simply beautiful. Maybe it’s my love of most things Japanese, but this Apprentice Geisha while not my favorite character in DOA4, has easily become of my favorite figures. Dare I say she is the most simple, natural and most realistic of the DOAX2 VotB series so far.

Kokoro (15)

Hey Kotobukiya, Christie, Helena and La Mariposa (aka Lisa) still haven’t been released. I’m sure that I’m not the only one waiting for them so please keep up the good work and I can guarantee you at least one sale 😉

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Shunya Yamashita Presents X-Men’s Rogue Bishoujo Figure

Posted by zerofigures on December 10, 2008


Those who have followed my collection should be well aware that I’m a huge Shunya fan. His images and art style are simply full of beauty and eroticness. So when my girlfriend mentioned something about a new Shunya figure, my figure antenna went up full staff. When she mentioned it was Rogue, I was a bit taken back. I had earlier been scanning my email and received notice of it through an online retailer. Things is, I took no notice of it (quickly scanning through your email early in the morning will cause that).  I actually saw the thumbnail and moved on, “Oh, Rogue” I said.  Now, knowing that Shunya had a hand in it’s creation, it’s got my full attention.


Upon further investigation and higher resolution pictures, another must have Shunya was added to my list. The pose, the face, the hair, the body, all simply stunning. Shunya’s presentation shows Rogue in a whole new light. All my years of Marvel comic’s never made me feel this way about Rogue.

p4Totally Off Topic but it’s 8:45pm EST and my Persona 4 with Artbook and Soundtrack just arrived through some carrier services Amazon .com uses.  While this is the latest package I’ve ever received it’s still Awesome!

Back on topic,  though this is a Shunya, I’ve never seen an actual 2d image of the original drawing if there is one as I have most.  To my knowledge it isn’t in any of the artbooks I have.  If anyone has a link, I’d be more than appreciative if you could provide it.


This is a Kotobukiya release so the quality should be damn good and should closely resemble the prototype we are now being shown.  I beg those who will make the decision on which Shunya/marvel character to release next, to please go with Storm.  Not only because of the lack of ethnic figures but Storm would be awesome with her flowing cape and white hair.  followed up buy Phoenix/Jean Grey, She-Hulk, Black Cat and maybe a hot Jubilee for the loli lovers.

gotta love this shot

gotta love this shot

For my preorder, I went through ToysLogic.  Never had a problem with them for many orders.  Shipping is cheap and so is the figure compared to many recent releases.

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1/6 Rei Ayanami Plug Suit Version PVC

Posted by zerofigures on August 21, 2008

REI (1) Today’s specimen is Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami, Plug Suit Ver by Kotobukiya.  I’ve seens this listed as “You are (not) alone” at different sites, why exactly I do not know, maybe it’s a reference to the her pose or something but I just seem to think of M.J.

REI (3)

This is one of those figures that I will never regret purchasing.  It’s sexy without being erotic and the pose is simply beautiful.  I don’t have to worry about other people seeing this and being offended.  The paint Job is good and the curves are VERY well done

REI (8)

There is no need to remove this figure from the box as it’s plastic and see through.  Though leaving it in the box will not allow the true beauty of this figure to shine through.  Pictures on the internet almost make the hair look translucent, but It’s not, it’s just shaded nicely.

REI (4)

While its looks like she’s actually on a rock, it’s a rock sculpted to look like an EVA-00 prototype Mecha.  It’s a great figure from every angle, and I must say, a must have for any Rei Ayanami fan.


While this is a damn good Rei, I think my favorite will always be my Shunya Yamashita version Rei Ayanami (another must have for Rei Fans).  Hopefully I’ll get another Rei soon.

As normal, there are more in my flickr account, navigate to find and enjoy the pics.


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More Games and More Figures

Posted by zerofigures on July 23, 2008

So as of June 12th, 2008, I became the proud owner of a brand new, un-bounced, Playstation 3.  As the proud owner of a 360 Elite and being a self proclaimed “gamer”, I decided that June12th was the right day to get my PS3 since I purchased the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle and got a free $100 Walmart gift card.  Woo Hoo!!!

So here I am with MGS4 and no true desire to play it.  I never played any other MGS’s for more than 20 minutes.  Luckily I had pre-purchased Heavenly Sword awaiting the glorious day I got my PS3, the artwork for Heavenly Sword is just so beautiful I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.  But Once I’m done with those two games what is this system good for?  What am I going to do with it, Watch Blu Ray Movies all day and night?! Ummm,  no thanks.  I for one wanted HD-DVD to win but that another story.

Today I became the owner of three Playstation 3 exclusives.  Warhawk, Resistance: Fall of Man, and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.  My plan is to only but PS3 exclusive games for my PS3 while games released for both system’s would be purchased on 360.  It may seem a bit stupid but most of my friends have 360’s and if I’m playing online it’s usually on my 360.  Plus I like my achievements and while PS3 will get “Trophies”, I’m not to psyched since its obviously and achievement knock-off.

3 for PS3

3 for PS3

Today’s news games get add to an already long list of unplayed games (was about 10 and now it’s 13) that’s not even including a couple of PS2 games.  It’s crazy but it’s satisfying to know that when I want to play the games, they are there waiting for me and I won’t have to hunt down a used & Abused copy on eBay or somewhere else.

Am I the only one who does this?  Sure, back in the day when we were young and got a game, we’d run home and tear into it but now I’m a bit more reserved now and have more things to do.  I guess if it were a  new electronic gadget, it’d be a different story but I know the game is mine and not going anywhere.  Another huge problem is the extremely fun replay ability of Halo 3 with friends.  Seems like every other night if not every night, I’m either getting a call or making a call to play Halo 3.  Probably be playing soon, once I’ve taken care of some tasks.  Thanks Microsoft for keeping me from all of my many other games and for supporting Halo 😉

When it comes down to it, it’s all just fun and games anyway.  Right?

DOAX2 Tina by Kotobukiya

DOAX2 Tina by Kotobukiya

In All of the excitement about getting my games, I almost forgot about the largest of today’s packages. My 1/6 Tina from Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, I’ve gotten all of them beginning with Kasumi and will say that the prices have gotten increasingly higher and higher *sigh*.  The new Kokoro is reaching upwards of $90 on some sites, almost 3 times the original price of Kasumi.  These are indeed hard times to be collecting figures but I pray it will get better one day.

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