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Prayers for Japan

Posted by zerofigures on March 11, 2011

Woke up this morning to some bad news, an earthquake has hit Japan , report are that it was either 8.8 or 8.9 on the Richter scale, the largest in Japan’s recorded history.

There isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said, the videos on the next and news streaming out of Japan says enough, as of right now I’ve seen reports of 1,000 dead.

NHK live streaming coverage

CNN Live New Stream

Great coverage by Jalopnik

Gundam fallen? – I read that the 1/1 scale RX-78-2 gundam had fallen due to the quake, but Gizmodo has updates on that rumor.  However Tokyo Tower has suffered damaged caused by the quake, again Gizmodo.

The amount of damage is of course going to be massive.  House, boats and cars are being washed away by Tsunami waves.  Lives are being lost.  It’s a really sad day and I hope the death toll doesn’t continue to rise.  I pray that everyone is able to locate their family members and able to come together.

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My Gundam Collection

Posted by zerofigures on August 17, 2010

So with all this talk of my Gundam and researching them all day at work, I decided to show what I have.  Recently I was at Otakon and were talking to some guys.  We were sharing what kits we have and info on Gundam but when I told them what I have, they kinda shrugged me off like yeah right, bye.  My collection may not be that large or great but I’ve no reason to lie about it.

Going to Japan last year and seeing the 1:1 scale Gundam, really made me want to own every RX 78-2 I could find.  My HG and SD were both purchased there, as well as the RX 78-4 MG below.

Here are the Gundam I’ve built so far.  Freedom Gundam was my first.  I’ve come pretty far since then.

Here are the unbuilt kits I have waiting to be constructed.

Currently waiting on some tools to arrive from Japan so I’m holding off until they arrive.  Really nothing but a few markers, files, sandpaper and tweezers.  The Gundam Astray Red Frame is currently on Ebay.  At Otakon I saw the PG Astray and feel in love. 

There’s no real point in having having both the MG and PG, so I’m selling MG to save up for the PG.

I forgot to include these three in the un-built kits pic but these are waiting as well.  Picked up the two little ones at Otakon this year.

Once my tools arrive , I’ll try to do my first Photograph/build session.  Probably for something small, a MG would take a while.

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Nujabes… Rest In Peace

Posted by zerofigures on March 19, 2010

This may be late , but these are my thoughts.  I just learned of this and have to release.

And here I though today was going to be a good day, just another day.

Was on Kotaku today and was blown away to read the headline “Samurai Champloo Music Producer Is Dead“. How quickly that has changed… The article reports that the accident occurred late February, why am I just learning of this now?!

My memories of Nujabes go back a couple of years when courting my current girlfriend.  Common interests made her recommend the anime Samurai Champloo.  I was was changed.  Easily one of the best anime’s to date.  Simply a must own series for any anime fan.  Great animation, great story and a classic soundtrack.

This greatly saddens me.  To think that we will no longer be graced by his music is horrible.  I can’t even begin to think about how much his music contributed to the success of Samurai Champloo.

I’m unable to come up with much right now but Nujabes was definitely of the primary reasons for my love of Japanese music.  The mixture of rhythm and culture just pour out from his beats.

I’m not sure many will ever come close to his style.  Looking at him sitting with his equipment is pleasing and puts a smile on my face.

Rest In Peace Nujabes.

His personal website is here

wiki here


I tried unsuccessfully to leave a comment on his main site but I’m not sure if it will go through so I’m posting it here as well.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

You will not be forgotten.  Nujabes helped me to open my eyes and see that Hip Hop is not what radio stations force feed us.
Nujabes is international. Nujabes put my mind at ease.  Nujabes was taken from us too soon.  Much too soon.

NegativeZero – NYC

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Utada Hikaru + “In The Flesh” + The Fillmore NYC = Pure Awesome!

Posted by zerofigures on February 9, 2010

It 12:10am, 2/9/2010 and I’m just getting home from perhaps the concert of a life time.  to my knowledge this is the first time Utada Hikaru has performed in NYC and I was there to experience it.  The are no really words to express the awsomeness that tonight truly was but if you must, just think of the most extremely positive adjectives and you have “In the Flesh”.

Thought I was getting there early but boy was I wrong, the line wrapped around at least 2 corners of the block.  So after nearly 3 hours on line, we get inside and get the shit rocked out of us by Utada and her band.  A top notch performance with provided by Utada and all the love we could possibly show her made the night one to remember.  I’m gonna keep this short since I must sleep and get up at 6am. After nearly 2 hours on stage, and giving Utada the loudest crowd reaction for her in the U.S. (sorry Vegas, this is her hometown after all), the packed Fillmore NYC goes on to chant “encore” and  “Utada” with lots of clapping for nearly (or more than) five minutes.  Five minutes isn’t really long but when you’re waiting to see if Utada and the band would respond, it felt like forever. The Queen finally comes back out and proceeds to rock the house some more with “Simple and Clean” and her favorite song “Me Muero.”

Aside from little pauses to talk to the crowd she seemed to go nonstop, no real “stage exiting” breaks.  I would post pics but we were prohibited from doing so, not exactly sure why but I am to assume that the flashes wouldn’t help her performance.

Thank you Utada for a night to remember and welcome home!

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I wonder if you know, How they live in Tokyo

Posted by zerofigures on July 18, 2009

Any Tokyo drift fans will notice the reference.  I’m back from Japan and now I can die a happy man.  Had the time of my life, took nearly 4000 pictures (which in a week since I’ve been back, have yet to go through), and am suffering from some serious jet-lag.  I returned home on last Saturday to give myself sometime to get readjusted before work.  Well this proved to be pretty darn useless.  I’ve been waking up between 4 and 5 am in the morning when it should be 6am.  I’m ready to pass out at work around 4pm and by 10 pm you can put a fork in me.   Can’t remember the last time I was up at 6 am for no reason on a Saturday morning (and I was out drinking last night).   Japan I don’t know what you did to me but if you’re trying to make me a better man, thank you.

Well it’s been a week since I’ve been back and no pics yet (sorry, it’s not easy to go through 4000 pictures when you can barely keep your eyes open).  I had a lot of fun in Japan seeing Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, (most importantly) Akihabara and more.  Everything was simply beautiful and I didn’t get to see everything I had hoped to but that just gives me a reason to go back!  Saw a lot of city, but no country.  Saw a lot of new, but not as much old as I was hoping to see.  Spent a lot of money, got a lot of toys, ate a lot of great food.  Rode a lot of fast and efficient trains. Explored a lot of back streets.  Spoke to/with many Japanese (in English mostly, my Japanese is limited).  Burned a lot of rubber (from my sneakers that is, soooo much walking hurt my feet every night).

Taking in Japanese lifestyle is a task in itself.  It’s quite different from American culture, and truthfully I prefer it.  It’s a change and a much welcomed one.  Just taking in how things are done and trying to harmonize with the people enough not to stand out is an experience.  I didn’t have a problems with the money but when you’re trying to figure out what a cashier is saying to you when you gave him more than enough money, and the line is getting longer behind you, the pressure starts to build.

I could try to write up my experience in Japan, here, all in one go but reliving it day after day is so much fun, you’ll just have to wait.

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Time for some fresh Air by Kotobukiya

Posted by zerofigures on April 7, 2009

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I last posted.    Late January I did manage to take some pictures but have been sitting on them for nearly 2 months.  Can’t say I haven’t had the time but not sure if I’ve been motivated.  Another reason may be that the bulb I used in my lamp suddenly gave out and I sent it back to the company but have yet to hear anything from them.  It’s a Sylvania bulb and supposedly carried a two year warranty.  I only had the bulb a few months and since I had the packaging and receipt, I decided to take them up on their warranty.  It’s been a couple weeks now but I’ve yet to get any response.

Despite the lack of lighting, time or motivation the figures have just kept pouring in, so before I get too backed up in the review department I’ve decided to post during my sick day as aI rest at home.  These pictures were taken with the Sylvania bulb before it died.  I wasn’t 100% pleased with them but that might be the perfectionist in me.


Before buying this figure all I knew was the art.  All I knew was the art was on point, reminds me of NitroPlus art style.  Then learning that the figure was being done by Kotobukiya was just the final selling point.  It’s supposed to be limited edition or something but I doubt it will actually be limited in quantity.

AIR (1)

AIR (3)AIR (8)AIR (4)

There’s no cast off process for this figure.  While it might have been a nice addition, it’s not necessary.  Cleavage is on display and the backside is exposed but sparingly covered.  It’s a lovely pose and nicely executed.  Air is displayed leaning against an airbrush for support.  There is a little guy at the end of the air brush which may be an ink well of sorts I assume.

AIR (10)AIR (16)AIR (9)

AIR (19)

The only issue with this figure would have to be the hair.  The hair looks like it was just tacked on beneath the ears.  It just doesn’t blend in well with the rest of the head of hair.  Other have mentioned this in their reviews as well and I didn’t really know what they were referring to before I opened mine.  It’s a nice beauty of a figure and is a great addition to any collection.
AIR (7)

One of the great things about this figure is the creation process which was involved.  The entire process was recorded and aired on Japanese television.  The videos can be found on youtube. There are 9 episodes total, the first of which can be found here.  Finding the remaining 8 video is simple, just do a youtube search.

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Beach-goer Kokoro from DOAX2 by Kotobukiya

Posted by zerofigures on January 15, 2009


Ahhhh, it’s been a long time but here is the latest addition to my collection. The lovely Kokoro who first made her appearance in Dead or Alive 4. I’ve followed DOA from PS1 to Dreamcast to PS2 to Xbox to Xbox 360. The only version I never got was the Saturn import. The creators, Team Ninja, went on to make Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball for the original Xbox which was somewhat fun. That game received a sequel on the 360 which wasn’t very fun. The difficulty was increased and some feats were just impossible.

Kokoro (2)

Kokoro (6)Kokoro (5)Kokoro (4)

From that sequel, Kotobukiya has produced the “Venus on the Beach” DOAX2 PVC series. The previous releases include (not necessarily in this order) Kasumi, Lei Fang, Tina, Hitomi, Ayane and now Kokoro. When the first, Kasumi was released, importing these figures cost about $80+, the more patient U.S. collector could have picked up Kasumi for almost under $40 in some places. With each release, I seem to have to pay a higher and higher price. Normally Kotobukiya releases are able to keep low prices once a N.A. release happens but I don’t know what’s going on.

Kokoro (9)
I was able to get mine from GCS Toys & Collectibles. This small start up provides quality service and isn’t widely know. I was able to find my Max Factory Shana and Shuraki’s Char Rhousemann long after they had been sold out at other sites. I believe those two examples may have long been sold out from the site but they are just examples. I’ve placed many orders GCS and have never been disappointed. I was however disappointed to find out that business was not going so well due to the economic situation. As such the business may be going under. Normally I say it’s survival of the fittest, but the level of service that I have received makes me want to keep one of the better legit PVC and Hobby retailers around for a long time. All I’m asking is that anyone reading this will take a look at the site and see if you can find that rare missing item from your collection. Please keep in mind that the more legit retailers we have round who provide great service, the less you will have to turn to ebay and possibly buy a fake item.

But I digress, though I have the other figures, this is the latest DOAX2 figure and since I’ve wanted to test out my new XSI, she was the prime target. Hopefully the quality of the pics will improve as a get better with the camcera.

Kokoro (19)

The main thing I love about this figure is her umbrella. It’s an actual mini Japanese paper umbrella. I can’t say that this feature sold me on the figures since I’m collecting the lot, but it sure helped. Further up the handle you can find a locking mechanism which keeps the umbrella open.

Kokoro (12)

The other accessories include her Citron outfit from DOAX2, two small bows to be attached on her hips, the beaded neck strap and the base. The Skirt has built in panties to keep her bikini hidden when you display Citron.  A few pictures up you can the notches in her chest that allow her nexk strap to be attached.

Kokoro (11)Kokoro (8)Kokoro (10)

Her Apple bikini is not removable. It is permanently built on to the figure.

Kokoro (18)

This may well be my favorite of the DOAX2 Venus on the Beach series. This figure is simply beautiful. Maybe it’s my love of most things Japanese, but this Apprentice Geisha while not my favorite character in DOA4, has easily become of my favorite figures. Dare I say she is the most simple, natural and most realistic of the DOAX2 VotB series so far.

Kokoro (15)

Hey Kotobukiya, Christie, Helena and La Mariposa (aka Lisa) still haven’t been released. I’m sure that I’m not the only one waiting for them so please keep up the good work and I can guarantee you at least one sale 😉

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Figure Exclusives

Posted by zerofigures on October 20, 2008

With the recently announced Queen’s Gate Mai Shiranui being exclusive to Hobby Japan as a mail in, I cannot help but feel somewhat burned.  Obviously Japan is the center of the market, but a vast majority of collectors do not live in Japan (I for one).  Having a figure be exclusive to retailer is unfair, especially having a figure exclusive to a retailer which will not ship outside of Japan.  It causes many people to miss out on items that they want.  Some may know of other routes to go to obtain their “precious”, but not all do. 

One route is the dreaded eBay.  Hopefully this figure is not bootlegged and people won’t end up buying fake figures.  The other method is a proxy service, where someone in Japan orders the item for you, and when they receive it, they in turn ship it to you.  I have done this once and have had pleasant results.  I was a bit afraid at first because I had just given some dude in Japan my hard earned greenbacks but everything worked it.  This service is not for the paranoid as you’ll be constantly wondering if your precious will ever arrive.  With no one to really have your back when dealing with proxies, I feel like its a risk, but I’d do it again for a HTF PVC.  And oh yeah, they do charge a fee, which can differ depending upon who you go to. 

Apparently some companies feel this is a good idea and maybe in a few ways it is.  But only in a few ways, which benefit the retailer selling the item and not the end user/consumer.  Since it’s a Hobby Japan mail in exclusive, people will have to buy the magazine which will drive up print sales.  By Megahouse giving such a sought after figure to Hobby Japan, HJ more than likely agreed to give Megahouse’s figures a large amount of placement in there magazine of something of the sort.  Basically a “one hand washes the other” kind of deal.  While I do not know the specifics of the two companies and how they maybe related, it just doesn’t do anything positive for the collectors.

Coincidentally, while reading Billboard Magazine this morning, HMV Canada is starting a “say no to retail exclusives” campaign.  In their full one page ad, they show how popular artists such as AC/DC, Christina Aguilera, and John Mellencamp have already said no to retail exclusives on Canada.  Apparently through online surveys taken by thousands of people, consumers have expressed that “they don’t like these retail exclusives” and “they don’t like being told where to shop for their music”. 

It’s not just consumers that don’t like exclusives; other retailers missing out don’t like them either.  I worked in the music business for nearly 5 years and a number of exclusive tracks have crossed my path.  Whether it be a remix to a #1 single or an exclusive backstage footage clip, the bonus that retailer “X” does not receive while retailer “Y” does, hurts retailer “X”.  It means lower sales for retailer “X”.  Consider a mom and pop shop or an internet startup who can’t afford to get a bonus exclusive, while a retail giant like Best Buy does, they obviously won’t be able to stay in business very long.  That reminds me of an old Martin Paint shop and ACE true Value Hardware that used to be in my area.  Once the Home Depot came to town they just couldn’t compete with their prices and deals and had to close up shop.

Exclusives do not support the industry, IMO they cripple it.  Those who are able to get their hands on an exclusive item are able to charge a markup and may be buying primarily for resale purposes and not to enjoy the item as normal consumers might.

I for one call for an end to PVC figure exclusives.  While this entire page is in regard to music exclusives, the idea is the same.  I don’t like retail exclusives and i don’t like being told where to buy my PVC from.


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My Japanese Coach has finally arrived!

Posted by zerofigures on October 17, 2008

Thank you Nintendo!  We’ve seen, My Word Coach, My French Coach, My Chinese Coach, and My Spanish Coach and finally My Japanese Coach has arrived.

My” blank” Coach is a popular learning series on The Nintendo DS.   The games are intended to give you a basic understanding of various languages.  For those in america who are somewhat infatuated with Japanese life, music, art, etc. this is a great way to learn more on the go.

It comes off as a game of course but it’s intention is to teach and it does a great job.  Imagine playing a game getting to the boss and memorizing a pattern to defeat the game.  This game does that but what you’re actually learning is Katakana, Hiragana, numbers, colors, days of the wee, etc.

This is a great tool for kids and grown ups alike.  I’m in my late 20’s and have take about 6 months of Japanese classes here in New York at quite a high cost.  This game/learning tool is just a fraction of the cost and provides great entertainment while at the same time increasing your knowledge.

This is a must have for anyone with a Nintendo DS.

It is also available at
My Japanese Coach
My Chinese Coach
My French Coach
My Spanish Coach
My Word Coach

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