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Fusion Works Gundam Converge Vol 2 Complete

Posted by zerofigures on February 18, 2011

Here we have Fusion Works Gundam Converge Vol 2.  There are 6 pieces in the set not including the one variant.  They are about 2.5″ tall each.

For their size they are pretty detailed and should make any Gundam fan happy.  The colors are sharp and the most work you’ll have to do to display them is attach their weapon and/or shield and head (if it came loose while Shipping).

Although they are sold like gashapon in boxes, they are not random.  Each box is individually numbered and pictured.  Kinda like some previous Bleach and one Piece sets.   Each volume has a variant.  In the 2nd set, the variant is the Unicorn Gundam with Bazooka instead of the rifle.  In the first set, the variant was an RX78-2 with bazooka instead of rifle.

Got this about a week or two ago and haven’t had much time to look at them, I did happen to take some pics I wanted to post though. Will post more pics once opened.

The last six pictures have been added for comparison.  The RX 78 is from the first set.


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My HGUC RX-93-v2 Gundam Build

Posted by zerofigures on September 8, 2010

While I’ve built a number of Gundam in the past, I’ve yet to do a write up or take pictures of any.  This weekend I decided to grab a kit and document the build. While this is not exactly a review, I’ll be giving thoughts on the kit as I went along.  I pick up Gundam according to those that feel look cool and have a cool set of accessories.  I have no dedication to any particular series.  I do not own, or plan to own any Zaku, but only time can tell.

When I build my Gundam, I do the regular lining and try to build them as clean as possible, removing all nubs.  This is the first kit that I have used files on and man does it make a difference.  From the days of my HG Freedom Gundam when I had no tools at all and used a nail clipper to remove parts from the runners and nubs from the parts, I can truly say, I’ve come a long way.  While not many, I’ve invested in an assortment of markers, clippers, tweezers  and files in recent months.  My build won’t involve painting or modifying in any way (unless I break something accidentally), so just consider mine, the Lazy Man’s Gundam (not to call other who don’t paint or modify lazy, I just like the term.  Straight builds, as clean as possible is what I strive for.

I originally picked this kit up while in Japan July of 2009.  While in the shop looking at the box, I liked the suit, color scheme and the price (Sticker is on the box, can you make out the store?).  I also picked up the RX-78-4, HG RX-78-2 and BB SD RX-78-2 seen in a previous post. On to the build!

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My Gundam Collection

Posted by zerofigures on August 17, 2010

So with all this talk of my Gundam and researching them all day at work, I decided to show what I have.  Recently I was at Otakon and were talking to some guys.  We were sharing what kits we have and info on Gundam but when I told them what I have, they kinda shrugged me off like yeah right, bye.  My collection may not be that large or great but I’ve no reason to lie about it.

Going to Japan last year and seeing the 1:1 scale Gundam, really made me want to own every RX 78-2 I could find.  My HG and SD were both purchased there, as well as the RX 78-4 MG below.

Here are the Gundam I’ve built so far.  Freedom Gundam was my first.  I’ve come pretty far since then.

Here are the unbuilt kits I have waiting to be constructed.

Currently waiting on some tools to arrive from Japan so I’m holding off until they arrive.  Really nothing but a few markers, files, sandpaper and tweezers.  The Gundam Astray Red Frame is currently on Ebay.  At Otakon I saw the PG Astray and feel in love. 

There’s no real point in having having both the MG and PG, so I’m selling MG to save up for the PG.

I forgot to include these three in the un-built kits pic but these are waiting as well.  Picked up the two little ones at Otakon this year.

Once my tools arrive , I’ll try to do my first Photograph/build session.  Probably for something small, a MG would take a while.

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Gundam Bloggers

Posted by zerofigures on August 8, 2010

my friend gundam

I’ve recently been getting back into my Gundam building and as such I’ve been searching for blogs.

So in an effort to list the best of my findings in one place and provide others with the information, I’ve decided to list them here.

In no particular order …

My kits will probably never look as good as theirs but I admire the work and effort they put into them.  Between the reviews and customizing, their knowledge and skills are remarkable.  Unlike them, I have neither the skills, knowledge, or tools to do what they do.  I wouldn’t say I do the bare minimum but I try to build my models as clean as possible.   I don’t buy as many or want as many kits as they have but I do love the ones I get.  The majority of the kits I own are listed here but a few may be missing.  I haven’t done a gundam review session yet but when I do some pics, I’ll do my best.

These are only a couple that I’ve found but I know there are more.  Do you know of any I should know about?  Please let me know through comments.

Edit: Found Some More!

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Latest eBayings…

Posted by zerofigures on August 8, 2010

So my massive collection is just getting bigger and bigger, and I’m expecting more.  I’ve decided to make some room for upcoming figures.

I’ve listed many on eBay and while I currently have many watchers, they’re undecided.

Mikuru Asahina FREEING 1/4th scale PVC figure Red Bunny – SOLD

Fighting Vipers Honey 1/8th scale RESIN Figure RED

Amane Misa Death Note PVC Figure Jun Planning

Birdy Cephon Altera by UpLark NEW PVC Figure Import – SOLD

Kanokon – 1/6 Chizuru Minamoto Alpha Max Resin Statue

Onegai Teacher Mizuho Kazami Orchid Seed PVC Figure NEW

Mylene Hoffman 009-1 1/6th scale PVC Figure – SOLD

Haruhi Suzumiya Black Bunny 1/6th scale by Atelier Sai

Bome Tenjho Tenge Maya Natsume PVC Figure NEW

Bome Tenjho Tenge Aya Natsume PVC Figure NEW

Bome Jungle Emmy Combat Version PVC Figure NEW

Fullmetal Alchemist Zipper Charms Ed & Al and Winry NEW

Bleach Urahara Cosplay Hat by Viz Media New with Tags

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 2009 Calendar USED

MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Custom w/Special Clear Armor

So that’s all that currently available but more may be up soon so check back.  For my fellow collectors I’m willing to offer 50% off shipping, MFC members can send me a best offer on Ebay with their MFC member names and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions, drop a comment if you are interested in anything.

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