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Ninja Gaiden 3 E3 preview Trailer

Posted by zerofigures on February 28, 2011

So Tecmo, is this why I can’t play Dead or Alive 5 yet?

Sure it won’t be the same without Itagaki but I think I’ll be happy with what I get.

So please, after Ninja Gaiden 3 is complete and in my possession, please feel free to finish any new Dead or Alive game you might be working on (portable games don’t count, and please no photo games, just pure jiggly non-stop kick ass action).

I have enough faith in Tecmo to know Ninja Gaiden 3 will be awesome. The gave us NG Black on Xbox and Sigma one and two on the PS3 (notice those are the enhanced versions), and they did not disappoint.  I have my fingers crossed for some old school and new school badassery so please hurry up.


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Jones BigASS Truck Rental & Storage

Posted by zerofigures on December 16, 2008

You know, with all of these figures I have laying around, I really feel like it’s time to put some in storage and I think I may have just found the perfect location.

It may seem a bit shady at first but you definitely can’t beat his rates, and things with ASS in the title can’t be that bad, right?

After seeing this commercial, I over-ordered on furniture and may have it store it at at Jones Place.

I couldn’t resist, it’s just like a mini-mall!

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