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Satoshi Kon R.I.P

Posted by zerofigures on August 25, 2010

It wasn’t very long ago that I was able to attend a preview of Paprika thanks to NewYork-Tokyo and able to experience the magic that was Satoshi Kon.  The beautiful art led to do more research on Satoshi and learn that many of his films were considered classics.  While there are many works, considered to be classics,  that I have never seen, I felt a need to see more of his work specifically.

Some of his work includes Paprika, Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Paranoia Agent and my favorite Tokyo Godfathers.  I’m sure that his influence on Japanese animation will be a long lasting one.   I am happy to have been exposed to his work and am saddened to hear of his passing.

His movies are so easily recommendable as Paprika is bizarre, that you would be losing out if you didn’t see them.  At the time of his passing, Satoshi Kon was working on “The Dreaming Machine”.  I can’t help but wonder what will happen with that now.

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Latest eBayings…

Posted by zerofigures on August 8, 2010

So my massive collection is just getting bigger and bigger, and I’m expecting more.  I’ve decided to make some room for upcoming figures.

I’ve listed many on eBay and while I currently have many watchers, they’re undecided.

Mikuru Asahina FREEING 1/4th scale PVC figure Red Bunny – SOLD

Fighting Vipers Honey 1/8th scale RESIN Figure RED

Amane Misa Death Note PVC Figure Jun Planning

Birdy Cephon Altera by UpLark NEW PVC Figure Import – SOLD

Kanokon – 1/6 Chizuru Minamoto Alpha Max Resin Statue

Onegai Teacher Mizuho Kazami Orchid Seed PVC Figure NEW

Mylene Hoffman 009-1 1/6th scale PVC Figure – SOLD

Haruhi Suzumiya Black Bunny 1/6th scale by Atelier Sai

Bome Tenjho Tenge Maya Natsume PVC Figure NEW

Bome Tenjho Tenge Aya Natsume PVC Figure NEW

Bome Jungle Emmy Combat Version PVC Figure NEW

Fullmetal Alchemist Zipper Charms Ed & Al and Winry NEW

Bleach Urahara Cosplay Hat by Viz Media New with Tags

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 2009 Calendar USED

MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Custom w/Special Clear Armor

So that’s all that currently available but more may be up soon so check back.  For my fellow collectors I’m willing to offer 50% off shipping, MFC members can send me a best offer on Ebay with their MFC member names and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions, drop a comment if you are interested in anything.

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Nujabes… Rest In Peace

Posted by zerofigures on March 19, 2010

This may be late , but these are my thoughts.  I just learned of this and have to release.

And here I though today was going to be a good day, just another day.

Was on Kotaku today and was blown away to read the headline “Samurai Champloo Music Producer Is Dead“. How quickly that has changed… The article reports that the accident occurred late February, why am I just learning of this now?!

My memories of Nujabes go back a couple of years when courting my current girlfriend.  Common interests made her recommend the anime Samurai Champloo.  I was was changed.  Easily one of the best anime’s to date.  Simply a must own series for any anime fan.  Great animation, great story and a classic soundtrack.

This greatly saddens me.  To think that we will no longer be graced by his music is horrible.  I can’t even begin to think about how much his music contributed to the success of Samurai Champloo.

I’m unable to come up with much right now but Nujabes was definitely of the primary reasons for my love of Japanese music.  The mixture of rhythm and culture just pour out from his beats.

I’m not sure many will ever come close to his style.  Looking at him sitting with his equipment is pleasing and puts a smile on my face.

Rest In Peace Nujabes.

His personal website is here

wiki here


I tried unsuccessfully to leave a comment on his main site but I’m not sure if it will go through so I’m posting it here as well.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

You will not be forgotten.  Nujabes helped me to open my eyes and see that Hip Hop is not what radio stations force feed us.
Nujabes is international. Nujabes put my mind at ease.  Nujabes was taken from us too soon.  Much too soon.

NegativeZero – NYC

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Time for some fresh Air by Kotobukiya

Posted by zerofigures on April 7, 2009

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I last posted.    Late January I did manage to take some pictures but have been sitting on them for nearly 2 months.  Can’t say I haven’t had the time but not sure if I’ve been motivated.  Another reason may be that the bulb I used in my lamp suddenly gave out and I sent it back to the company but have yet to hear anything from them.  It’s a Sylvania bulb and supposedly carried a two year warranty.  I only had the bulb a few months and since I had the packaging and receipt, I decided to take them up on their warranty.  It’s been a couple weeks now but I’ve yet to get any response.

Despite the lack of lighting, time or motivation the figures have just kept pouring in, so before I get too backed up in the review department I’ve decided to post during my sick day as aI rest at home.  These pictures were taken with the Sylvania bulb before it died.  I wasn’t 100% pleased with them but that might be the perfectionist in me.


Before buying this figure all I knew was the art.  All I knew was the art was on point, reminds me of NitroPlus art style.  Then learning that the figure was being done by Kotobukiya was just the final selling point.  It’s supposed to be limited edition or something but I doubt it will actually be limited in quantity.

AIR (1)

AIR (3)AIR (8)AIR (4)

There’s no cast off process for this figure.  While it might have been a nice addition, it’s not necessary.  Cleavage is on display and the backside is exposed but sparingly covered.  It’s a lovely pose and nicely executed.  Air is displayed leaning against an airbrush for support.  There is a little guy at the end of the air brush which may be an ink well of sorts I assume.

AIR (10)AIR (16)AIR (9)

AIR (19)

The only issue with this figure would have to be the hair.  The hair looks like it was just tacked on beneath the ears.  It just doesn’t blend in well with the rest of the head of hair.  Other have mentioned this in their reviews as well and I didn’t really know what they were referring to before I opened mine.  It’s a nice beauty of a figure and is a great addition to any collection.
AIR (7)

One of the great things about this figure is the creation process which was involved.  The entire process was recorded and aired on Japanese television.  The videos can be found on youtube. There are 9 episodes total, the first of which can be found here.  Finding the remaining 8 video is simple, just do a youtube search.

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Capcom’s Darkstalkers Graphic File by Udon

Posted by zerofigures on January 26, 2009

Just got this book in after nearly a years wait.  I placed my order for this book through on April 7, 2008.  After multiple emails updating me that of released date being pushed back, my order didn’t ship until January 14th, 2009.   If that does show my dedication to this book, then I don’t know what does.

Morrigan Felicia Art

As a long time video game fan and a lover of 2D fighters when this book was announced I knew I had to have it.  I knew very little about what the book would contain but that didn’t matter as it mentioned it would include artwork collected from the Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior series.

At first glance of the Darkstalker’s Graphic File, expecting and a book full of art, I was disappointed to find out that it was not so.  Out of 140 pages it only gives about 23 pages dedicated to the art itself.  I felt quite ripped off immediately.  There are however very detailed biographies through out the book which do provide additional art.  You can also think of it as a game guide since it provides the move lists for the characters.  All Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior games for all systems are listed in the back noting every character and what game they have appeared in.

Art IMArt figure section

This book isn’t really a reader, but instead you should enjoy the art, concepts and ideas.  There’s really nothing to do but appreciate the information which is presented to you and seek to enlighten yourself with things about the series you didn’t know.  I enjoyed the art for Dee, a character I knew nothing about before getting the book.  It’s great to learn about the characters and history behind the games.  There’s even a small section dedicated to figures.

My favorite fighting game company has always been Capcom,  giving us such series as Street Fighter, Rival Schools, Darkstalkers (Vampire Savior), and the VS series kept me indoors (arcade or home) for hours.  Many of those games complete my collection today.  I’ve always been a fan of Capcoms artwork regarding their fighting games and always jump at owning any of it as part of my collection.  I already own Udon’s Art of Capcom book and as a former comic book collector, I enjoy Udon’s work.  Just recently purchased the new Street Fighter Legends Chun Li and I’ve even picked up their trade paper backs (TPB) of the Street Fighter series.

The current generation of fighting games is great (Tecmo, Namco, etc. ), but it’s really nothing like the ones I grew up with.  I remember playing those Capcom fighters in the arcade for hours on end.  Then later, once the game was released for home consoles, like the Sega Saturn, playing an arcade perfect translation for even more hours.  This is a great piece of nostalgia for any fan of the series or capcom.  I have no doubt that there will be some facts in this book that fans will find interesting and fun.

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Demonbane’s Another Blood by Max Factory

Posted by zerofigures on January 25, 2009

AnotherBlood (1b)

This latest review will be part of my elegance series.  I figure that I have at least one figure left before this ideas dies but I’ll enjoy it for what it is.  I’ll also be adding Kokoro from my last posting to this series since she gave me the idea.

AnotherBlood (3)

AnotherBlood (5)AnotherBlood (7)AnotherBlood (9)

As strange as it may seem, the name of the character actually seems to be “Another Blood” and she comes from what I understand to be an anime.   Before being adapted into an anime it was an eroge for PC.  Anyone with better info please feel free to provide it or you can consult the wiki.    The Demonbane series is also responsible for Metatron, Eserudoraida, and Al Azif.  I can guarantee a future review of at least one of those three.  I have not watched the series yet but will be doing so once I have the time.

Demonbane is brought to us by the fabulous Nitro+.  They are also responsible for Jingai Makyo, the series which gives us the Misae Makimoto Fantastica PVC and all of the beautiful Ignis PVCs.

AnotherBlood (16)

I almost passed this figure by but seeing it more and more made me realize just how beautiful it is.  What first turned me off was the loli-ness.  It just wasn’t oppai enough for me.  but her glaring eyes along with that devious smile worked its toll on me.  The color scheme, along with the level of detail in the outfit and hair makes this one a no brainer. The only things that held me back on purchasing was as I said before, the loli-ness and the exposure during her curtsy.  While there have been more shocking poses, the loli factor makes this one kinda controversial.  If it doesn’t spark some questions, it might at least get people thinking …the wrong thing.

AnotherBlood (25)AnotherBlood (21)

AnotherBlood (40)

Depending on how you chose to display it, the figure can be just as safe as any other to display without worry.  The height level matters because the higher you place her, the more you see under her.  The lower you place her, the less you have to worry about. Though if you have any figures which you have to REALLY think about before displaying, perhaps you should have thought about it before buying it.

AnotherBlood (15)

As much as I like this figure, I am not posting all the pictures I can  (makes me feel kinda dirty).  If you don’t like this figure by now, you wouldn’t like the extra pics and if you do like this figure so far then I urge you to buy it and enjoy your own pics. ^_^

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Shunya Yamashita Presents X-Men’s Rogue Bishoujo Figure

Posted by zerofigures on December 10, 2008


Those who have followed my collection should be well aware that I’m a huge Shunya fan. His images and art style are simply full of beauty and eroticness. So when my girlfriend mentioned something about a new Shunya figure, my figure antenna went up full staff. When she mentioned it was Rogue, I was a bit taken back. I had earlier been scanning my email and received notice of it through an online retailer. Things is, I took no notice of it (quickly scanning through your email early in the morning will cause that).  I actually saw the thumbnail and moved on, “Oh, Rogue” I said.  Now, knowing that Shunya had a hand in it’s creation, it’s got my full attention.


Upon further investigation and higher resolution pictures, another must have Shunya was added to my list. The pose, the face, the hair, the body, all simply stunning. Shunya’s presentation shows Rogue in a whole new light. All my years of Marvel comic’s never made me feel this way about Rogue.

p4Totally Off Topic but it’s 8:45pm EST and my Persona 4 with Artbook and Soundtrack just arrived through some carrier services Amazon .com uses.  While this is the latest package I’ve ever received it’s still Awesome!

Back on topic,  though this is a Shunya, I’ve never seen an actual 2d image of the original drawing if there is one as I have most.  To my knowledge it isn’t in any of the artbooks I have.  If anyone has a link, I’d be more than appreciative if you could provide it.


This is a Kotobukiya release so the quality should be damn good and should closely resemble the prototype we are now being shown.  I beg those who will make the decision on which Shunya/marvel character to release next, to please go with Storm.  Not only because of the lack of ethnic figures but Storm would be awesome with her flowing cape and white hair.  followed up buy Phoenix/Jean Grey, She-Hulk, Black Cat and maybe a hot Jubilee for the loli lovers.

gotta love this shot

gotta love this shot

For my preorder, I went through ToysLogic.  Never had a problem with them for many orders.  Shipping is cheap and so is the figure compared to many recent releases.

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Shining Wind’s Kureha by President Japan and Tony Taka

Posted by zerofigures on November 11, 2008


In my previous post I mentioned that I had received 3 figures 2 weekends ago.  Here is the third.  Created in the wonderful mind of Tony Taka for Shining Wind/Tears anime and videogame, President Japan brings her to life in PVC form.

Kureha (1)

Besides Gashapon, I believe this is the third incarnation of Kureha.  The first by Max Factory became a favorite of collectors and is a bit hard to find.  The second by Kotobukiya is still currently available at some retailers.

Kureha (36)Kureha (24)

The big thing about this figure is the eyes.  Instead of the normal painted on eyes, this Kureha has inset eyes like the dolls of many little girls.  You know those dolls who’s eyes open and close as you stand them up or lay them down?  Yeah, those eyes.  Staring into the eyes a bit weird because it’s definitely more life like than other PVC.

Kureha (4)Kureha (7)

Looking at pictures at the Kotobuiya Kureha, I appreciate this one more.  PJ’s looks older and provides us with a different post than most PVC.  Her dress adds quantity to the figure as it is sprawled out around the figure.  She almost seems like a bird resting after a long flight.

Kureha (33)Kureha (53)

She’s an elegant and sweet looking figure with a surprising feature. As I unboxed the figure and removed the protective plastic I noticed she became a bit loose around the waist. I totally did not expect to be casting this figure off in anyway but it’s alsways a welcome feature as long as it’s done tastefully.

Kureha (35)

I found it a bit difficult to get many perfect shots.  The position of the figure doesn’t allow for capturing of her entire body in a single shot.  You either capture the face and miss out on the legs or you cature the legs but miss out on the eyes (all four ^_^).

Kureha (12)

In the end she is still a nice figure which would add variety to any collection through it’s color and sitted position.

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Shunya Yamashita’s Karin and Noel by E2046 Gathering

Posted by zerofigures on November 8, 2008

Noel Karin
Last Saturday was a great day, 3 figures arrived at once but since I was headed out of town for the weekend and it’s been a stressful week, this review arrives now.  Today I’ll focus on 2 figures out of those 3 (the third’s review will arrive soon).

Noel Karin (23)
Two more great Gathering Kits from E2046, Karin and Noel, lack nothing in the hot and sexy department.  If you’ve seen my previous review of Niniane, then you will realize this review is along the same lines and find out why these two figures are so great.

Noel Karin (1)

As with Shion and Niniane, Karin and Noel were both originally busts.  Sadly bust lack legs and there were no signs of either coming out with legs.  E2046 has done the figure community a great favor by adding legs.  As a bonus to the addition of legs they have also included custom bases for both (Noel with her tiger skin and Karin with her roman pillar settings. My Karin base wasn’t flat as it should be, it was somewhat curved, probably will flatten in time.

Noel Karin (5)Noel Karin (18)

Both figures are great examples of quality workmanship on E2046’s part.  I am in no way disappointed with either but the best of the two is definitely Karin.  It seems that the majority agree since she is currently sold out at E2046 while Noel is currently in stock (only 5 left at the moment).

Noel Karin (9)Noel Karin (8)
The original art for Noel gives seems to capture her anger, attitude, and ferociousness.  But neither the bust nor the E2046’s version capture that well.  In the end she seems to have a cute face with slightly chubby cheeks offset by that badass Mike Tyson face tattoo.  The claws on the bust version seem to be sharper the E2046’s ver. from pictures, but I don’t mind that since I’m not a fan of being cut and scraped by my figures.

Noel Karin (3)Noel Karin (4)
Noel has nice curves and, IMO, is somewhat of a cross between a badass bond girl and Han from Enter the Dragon.  She is very easy on the eye in the tight black leather outfit and seems to have and affinity for tigers or for killing tigers.  Noel isn’t exactly a must have but is a great addition to any Shunya Collection.

Noel Karin (12)
Saving the best for last brings me to Karin.  Karin is beautiful with her tempting glance and innocent stance.  She resembles a Greek goddess IMO.  Erotic but classy.  Sexy but dangerous.  Keep an eye on that dagger in the right hand.  Not exactly a WMD but I’m sure she knows how to handle herself.

karin-bustNoel Karin (16)
The tattoo’s on her upper and lower back are are a great and look much cleaner and finer than on the original busts.  The original busts tattoo seemed like the lines were too thick and resembled a large blob of paint on her back.  One thing I noticed was a small bubble of air behind the upper back tattoo which if touched would probably break the decal. The original busts seems to have more of a booty than E2046.  E2046 doesn’t seem to get the booty and thighs perfect.  They get them “just right” but not perfect.  Don’t get me wrong I know I’m not dealing with the busts but the original’s face seems more seductive and older.  While E2046’s seems lighter, happier and younger.

Noel Karin (14)Noel Karin (21)Noel Karin (15)
The flower in her hair isn’t very detailed but is recognizable.  The gold accents such as her armlets and bealt are fine.  The added legs aren’t a complicated design and I don’t know why Kotobukiya couldn’t do it but oh well, that’s why we have E2046.

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Shunya Yamashita’s MC Axis P-40 Nose Art Girl

Posted by zerofigures on October 28, 2008

MC Axis

Everyone’s favorite artist, Shunya Yamashita is at it again.  His art has once again inspired a beautiful PVC adaptation. The latest beauty is known as MC Axis P-40 Nose Art Girl.  As a huge fan of Shuya’s art and PVC beauties, I recognized the figure style and knew I was going to have her.  Though knot familiar with the Manufacturer, RANA (according to HLJ), I was not put off.  I knew I had to take the chance to own her.
MC Axis (18)

I can’t say I’m a fan of past wars or fighter planes or any thing along that line, but I thought the concept was pretty cool.  I love the army green scheme and the addition of fighter planes aspects (art, gun, boots and propeller).
MC Axis (9)MC Axis (10)

From here propellers down to her combat boots, She is very easy on the eyes.  Only thing I’d change is her name.  I’d prefer she had a proper name to identify her. Not sure what MC Axis is and P-40 Nose Art Girl is long and not sexy.  I will now dub her Plane Jane.
MC Axis (1)MC Axis (2)

The P-40 Warhawk Tiger Shark is the type of plane that the shark image originated on. The internet is full of information on the history of the Warhawk for those interested.  Here’s a quick summary:

MC Axis (8)

“Over 16,000 P-40 Warhawks served throughout most fronts in the early days of WWII. Their success became legendary for the Allied forces operating in China, Burma and India.

The first P-40 flew in 1938 and it is considered the all-metal fighter and ground attack aircraft. It was used in great numbers in the Second World War.

The P-40 Warhawk is a version of the P-36 used to enable mass production of frontline fighters. About 13,738 of P-40 were produced in November 1944. They were used throughout the war by air forces of different nations. The success of the aircraft became legendary as front liners for the Allied forces.”

MC Axis (16)

She has a simple castoff process and is easy to handle. She can be displayed in a couple of variations and poses. Nothing to extravagant though, it is PVC and not intended to be posed. I’m just referring to her arms and optional clothing.
MC Axis (11)

For me this figrue was love at first sight.  With Shunya figures you can usually decide whether or not you will buy a figure at first sight.  I’ve seen a couple that I’m not really into but hope to pick up on sale somewhere someday. MC Axis P-40 Nose Art Girl can be found at HLJ though it is currently backordered. It’s price is a little higher than average but I think it’s worth it. It is still available at PlayAsia however, one of the few place to have it in stock.

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