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Figures…Perfect in Proportion, Pose and Profile.

About Me

Hello and thank you for wanting to more about me!  I am from the U.S. (NY) and enjoy many aspects of Japanese culture.  My favorite hobbies are collecting figures and playing video games.  I also like trying my hand at photography, I love my Canon Cameras.

I have studied the Japanese language independently outside of traditional learning institutions.  I visited Japan about a year ago, early July 2009.  The construction of the RX-78_2 Gundam in Odaiba motivated me to get there ASAP to bask in all its glory.

Aside from Japan, I also like to attend anime conventions from time to time, attend concerts of Japanese artist and just dine out with my fiancee.

My figure collection is rather large and closing in at about 400 pieces.  Due to my pending marriage and such, I’ve cut back on the amount of figures I’ve been buying.  I will continue collecting just no where near as much.  I will also be selling items from time to time. I’ve recently begun increasing my Gundam collection as my fascination with the RX-78-2 takes over me.

I will be blogging about things that interest me and may interest you as well.  I hope to meet others like me and create some kind of friendship with like minded people.

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  1. Ayu said

    Would you like to exchange blogroll links? ^^

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