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Figures…Perfect in Proportion, Pose and Profile.… Buyer Beware!

Posted by zerofigures on February 18, 2011

I titled this posting with a question mark because I’d like to be proven wrong.  I’d like to think that we anime fans and Otaku now have another ally in our quest as consumer for goods.  Somewhere to find that one item we’ve been searching for that sold out months ago.  But lack of information and actions lead me to think otherwise.

I was searching for a figure everywhere, every website (I trust) that I have purchased things in the past from were long sold out.  This lead me to do a long web search to hunt this figure down.  I searched and searched and came upon who had 2 figures I was searching for well below the going prices.  I placed the items in the cart but my buyers instinct kicked in, as well as an old saying, “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is”.

So the research began.  The bottom of their website lists a blog, twitter and facebook.  The blog doesn’t link to a functioning site and the facebook doesn’t either.  The twitter does work but is full of links direct visitors to their main site.  I also found this blog they’ve created which is definitely complete BS.  I feel confident enough saying that due to the fact that a certain Mr. Peter Payne of who frequently updates his blog, wrote that story on Jan 21, 2011 (good eyes Cupcakez89).  I ‘d recommend subscribing to his blog, it’s full of great information on Japan through American eyes.  I did a BBB (Better Business Bureau) search and came up with nothing.  Continued searching and couldn’t find anything except another buyer thinking the same as me  (I hope they do another search and come up on this posting).

I then questioned the authenticity of OnA on MFC and someone  said they thought their cds were fake (I’m inquiring with them now).  So others agree that things don’t seem to be straight with OnA.  I’m hoping that we are wrong and they’re legit and providing our community with some awesomely discounted anime goods, but until then I won’t be providing them with any details of mine.   What’s your opinion on this?

UPDATE – I just got learned.  I know understand why the cd’s are being identified as fake and I agree.  Taking a product, slapping your own catalog number and logo on it , does not make it yours.  The quality of the item is sure to be lower than that of any official product. Thanks MFC.

UPDATE #2 – Peter Payne, owner and blogger, has commented and confirmed that is not a trustworthy site. Do not buy from


20 Responses to “… Buyer Beware!”

  1. Nyaa said

    nice post ^^(it’s me cupcakez lol) Thanks for the mention…umm something I also noticed about this site…go to there help center and look at the bottom…it says Porn Company, and list a bunch of Viagra pills and etc. xD this place seems like a big joke lol

    • zerofigures said

      Yeah, I saw that in a couple of places. I tried clicking but it got me nowhere. Needless to say this case is closed in my book and I will not be purchasing anything from that site.

  2. Persocom said

    Good looking out ^^ I’m one of those people who very rarely, but still occasionally will buy from an unknown store if I’m in search of something I really want and can’t find anywhere, but keeping people informed on stores that are shady or altogether scamming, bootlegging or otherwise scheming is good. Thanks for the heads up because you never know, I could have attempted buying from them.

    • zerofigures said

      No problem, I’m the same way. We just have to keep our eyes op[en and be wary of what we do on the internet. I’ve had my CC info hacked about 2 or 3 times so I try not to deal with sites that dont seem on the straight and narrow. Glad to be of help!

  3. Heather said

    I ran across your post while trying to find info about this online shop! I was highly suspicious because it looks exactly like JList with just a few minor changes. (Looks like they are even using the JList mascot girl on their login/purchase page!) I was trying to find out if the sites were related somehow but reading what you’ve written it looks even more shady! Thanks for saving me from the trouble of ordering. I *ALMOST* bought a couple of things!!

    • zerofigures said

      That’s great to hear, that’s exactly why I made that posting to put the notice out. I also recognized the “jlist girl’ but couldn’t think where i Knew her from. Even the guy in their logo looks familiar, probably from jlist as well. Glad to be of assistance.

  4. jen said

    thanks for zeroing on this site. i have been ripped off from another fake site, called animeinthebox (or close to it). i was hoping to get gatchaman box sets 6 and 7. i never saw anything or got even an email. i just hope that people take the time to read into these fake sites before buying even a keychain!


    • zerofigures said

      Sorry to hear about you getting ripped off, I know that it’s not at all a pleasant feeling. I say always do your research before giving your info to a new/suspicious site. It’s unfortunate that there are people preying on otaku (or anyone for that matter).

  5. Thanks for this post. Yes, this is a disreputable site that has stolen not only our logo and graphics but our CSS code as well. Definitely not legit. They’ll be offline soon, if not by themselves than through Godaddy. Absolutely amazing…

    • zerofigures said

      Well this definitely finalizes it. From the man him self, Peter Payne.
      1st – thank you for all of your contributions to our community, has come through a number of times in the past for me and your blogs make me feel like I’m in Japan, if only for a couple of minutes a day.
      2nd – thank you for taking the time to confirm this, this should save Otaku, anime fans and Japanophiles a lot of trouble. Hopefully they will turn to jlist and jbox if they desire hassle free transactions. I hope you received the twitter I left you regarding this situation.

      Thanks again for your time!

  6. aggrogahu| said

    Wow, going so far as to even copy the css.

    I’m curious as to which sites you’ve visited in search of the figure you’re talking about. My ‘last resort’ to find rare figures is yahoo japan auction, which usually has what I’ve been looking for if I stalk them long enough.

    • zerofigures said

      When I’m on a hunt, I check everywhere. Any retailer (US and Japan) I can think of. I was searching for some Samurai Girls figures as I’m a little late to the party. The exclusives and their prices make no sense, I’ve spent upwards of $250 on select figures but refuse to spend $160 on a 1/8th figure that’s being touted as limited. As much as I’ve heard about Yahoo Japan Auctions, I’ve never used them. I should probably look into them a bit more but I’m more into selling my figures now and gaining space.

  7. […] construction,” Peter fully expects the site to be shut down relatively soon. As he wrote on ZeroFigures, “yes, this is a disreputable site that has stolen not only our logo and graphics but our CSS […]

  8. jen said


    did anyone deal with a site called i just wanted to know before i spend my cash on any thing



    • zerofigures said

      Sorry, nothing here. I think you meant but either way there are so many sites and stores locally (at least in the U.S.) that I would have no need to buy from them if your’re suspicious. If you click on contact us , it shows you where they are located, they might be legit, but I have no idea.

  9. Bruce said

    Found your blog post. Saved me some headache, as I just got an email advertisement from I clicked on it, looked over the site and was ready to make a purchase, then opted to do some research and found your blog in addition with some other reports about this site. In the past I have gotten burnt by a few other anime sites which looked to be legite and always turned out to be scam sites. This includes:,, and Found out all 3 sites turned out to be the same owners, so buyers beware. They all take your orders and money, never send the full orders UNLESS you complain enough and always state that they are out of stock…yet magically still continue showing on their site IN STOCK for said items, then after you get your final item within few weeks see some random illegal charges on my credit card. Reported all of those sites to BBB and posted my bad experiences with them.

    The problem I have now is that I have been unable to find any decent import anime DVD sites that do NOT have negative crap on them, but keep up to date with a good sized catalog. If anyone can make any suggestions for me it is greatly appreciated.

    • zerofigures said

      Glad you found my posting useful. It’s always hard trying to find trustworthy sellers and I appreciate your feedback.

      When looking for imports it’s best to go with well known sites. Playasia, yesasia, and jlist/jbox are some good sites. Though items can sometimes be pricey, it’s better than getting ripped off. There are a lot more sites that ship from Japan to the US, I’m actually not sure where you are but it goes for most countries. Try joining an anime forum site that’s very active, they usually have a thread about trusted retail sites.

      Good luck!

  10. jen said

    hey! i just got a news letter from them. i wanted to let everyone know that is on the prowl for new suckers to rip pff

    • zerofigures said

      How would they even have gotten your contact info? A user above also recently got an ad from them, weird. Hope more and more people will find this posting.

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