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Latest Items for Sale

Posted by zerofigures on December 6, 2010

Got a couple of things for sale, see anything you’re interested in?
Sorry, No international Shipments, Shipping is included within the price.
Prices are negotiable on some items, $5 off for each additional item purchased in addition to the first. (some items) negativezero

Please contact me through my blog as I will reply to the email you use to contact me.

Thanks for looking.

One picture has things that are open:
Fighting Vipers Honey by Epoch – $120
Shining Wind Xecty by Kotobukiya – $100
Rocket Girls Morita Yukari by Happinet – $50
Dengeki G’s Festival -Sept 2010 Vol 8- – $20

2nd Picture Contains Brand New Items:
Onegai Sensei’s Mizuho Kazami by Good Smile Company – $65 (Still sealed in bag as it arrived from HLJ)
Sheryl Nome Prize Figure by Banpresto – $23
Chu x Chu Idol’s Chua Churam by Alter $225 (Brand New Factory Sealed, Box is Mint except for a slight dent (please see pictures)  Still sealed in the bag as it arrived from HLJ , seems to have been cut open but not enough to remove the figure or open the box.
Gantz’s Kei Kishimoto Swimsuit by Yamato  – $120
Mon Sieur BOME’s Honey Bunny Karen and Rio – $100 (package is mint, clean and undamaged)


4 Responses to “Latest Items for Sale”

  1. ahegyao said

    Saw your ad on and I’m interested in Chua Chuaram.

  2. Vince said

    Hmm.. I was hoping to get a Chu x Chu Idol Chua Churam but your price is 3x the retail :/

    How low can you go on that?

    • zerofigures said

      Sorry, It’s started out higher but I’ve lowered it. I don’t think I’ll be lowering it any more. I’d rather just hold on to it if it can’t sell at the current price.

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