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Marvel Masterworks Galactus 19″

Posted by zerofigures on September 15, 2010

So man toys, soooo little cash.   Got home today to find my Galactus had arrived, there’s really nothing to say about this except “SWEEEEEET!”.  Hit the link for the pictures.

I didn’t go to San Diego ComiCon but I saw all the stuff on the net about the show.  SDCC had an exclusive version of this figure, which I saw and had to have.  The packaging was awesome and (I thought) a must have for any Marvel fan.  I was quite happy to see that BBTS had him for sale.

I just got mine today and while I expected some differences, I’m still very happy.  BBTS listed theirs as containing a Silver Surfer figure, which I thought added a lot to the purchase.  The unboxing videos and pictures of the SDCC version didn’t seem to mention Silver Surfer.  So right away I figured that it was different.  The real big difference I noticed is the packaging. While still cool and awesome, it’s not on a plastic card like the old action figures (i.e G.I. Joe figures) that could hang on the wall with the little hook at the top.  I would have really loved that option.  Quite disappointed with that but I still love it.  Sorry about no out of box pictures, but who would do that kind of thing.


2 Responses to “Marvel Masterworks Galactus 19″”

  1. G.G. said

    If I were to collect Marvel figures as well… I would go broke. I like the little Silver Surfer that goes with the Galactus…love the box art too!

    • zerofigures said

      This is really just a one off for me, I saw it and it instantly made me think is the Annuals that used to come out. I think I have one with Silver Surfer somewhere, brings back many memories. I’m doing my best not to go broke, and will have to sell some things soon.

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