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Best Buy Theater Halo Reach Midnight Release Experience

Posted by zerofigures on September 14, 2010

So Halo Reach comes out today.  For some reason I think that productivity around the world is going to drop drastically.  I know I for one have taken the day off, not to play the game but to rest and wait for it to arrive by UPS.  Last night I attended the midnight release in New York at the Best Buy Theater in Time Square, formerly the Nokia Theater.  If you were there, I was the guy in the army green “I am Master Chief” (from the Halo 3 midnight launch) shirt.

I get there about 6pm and am within the top 200 thanks to my friend who got there earlier and got me a wristband.  So we’re online for like 2 hours in the rain before things really start happening.  I was truly telling myself this would be my final midnight release cause I’m getting to old for this and couldn’t stand listening to the kids in front of me and behind me.  Later we got to play firefight with the chance to play against Bungie if in the top 4 (that didn’t happen), but did have a good time playing the game. Went back on line and waited some more.  Got a couple of shirts,   free pizza was given out, received some inflatable plasma swords, poster (which will be framed), and Halo Fall of Reach comic signed by Marvel Cover artist Phil Noto.

We finally get inside, but not before passing the awesome life size Noble Team statues.  Inside there are counters set up where you can buy the game and accessories.  Most importantly there is an OPEN BAR and FREE all you can eat catered food!  Who does this!?  Free beer (21+ to drink), soda and asian style food (dumplings steamed or fried, pad thai, mini burgers and sandwiches , plus an assortment of breads, cheese and crackers.  I mean really, who does this? I was seriously blown away by this.

Models were dolled up and walking around in tight leather pants, music was pumping (not sure of the DJ name but he did a great job (the majority of the time). Spike Tv was there covering the event, I payed them no attention since all there doing is giving away prizes to “Tweeters” and talking to some UFC  (or one of those fighting events) guy who didn’t really seem to know about Halo at all.

A little before 11pm Major Nelson comes out and says Kid Cudi will be performing soon.  We wait and wait and wait and 11:55 come and goes with no Kid Cudi.  We’ve been standing there waiting for him for 55 minutes and then they tell us he’s not coming and we can pick up our games outside.  Thanks for nothing Kid.

Later I see Kid and he ‘s talking with the Spike TV guy.  Some girl told me that he was stuck in traffic when she heard me going off about him not performing.  Don’t they all seem to get stuck in traffic when things go wrong.

Either way that ended my night, it was pretty awesome until that Kid’s event had me leave angry about waiting an hour with no updates.  This may not have been my final midnight release after all, just depends on the game and it’s importance to me.

More pics

My Halo Reach Swag vs My Halo 3 Swag, man what a difference.

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