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Figures…Perfect in Proportion, Pose and Profile. – My Life Saver

Posted by zerofigures on September 9, 2010

About 2 weeks ago I was kicking my self  for running to Japan when the 1:1 Gundam was built in Odaiba.  Why oh why did I have to go then, why couldn’t I have held off my trip a couple months for the Shizuoka build.  Because no one knew that’s why, no one knew it would end up at Shizuoka, at least I didn’t.  Either way I was struggling to figure out how I would get some exclusives from the Shizuoka Exclusive Gundam event.  I contacted my usual proxy but he produced nothing.

Saddened and unwilling to deal with ebay, I jokingly left a comment on Gundam Guy’s blog telling him to bring some things back from his trip to Japan.  To my surprise he actually responded and had the items!  Turns out that GG will be getting into the business of selling Gundam.  His site will be opening soon, I believe he is aiming for early October.

I however, with my special request, was able to place my order and am happy to announce that it arrived today, in mint condition.  The items were packed securely I wasn’t overcharged for shipping.  GG was very easy to deal with and answered all of my questions quickly and clearly.  I urge all Gundam fans to support a fellow Gundam fan when the opportunity arises, you never know what exclusives you may find.  GGInfinite has got my vote.  Thanks again GG.


6 Responses to “ – My Life Saver”

  1. G.G. said

    I am happy that you received your items! Thanks for the great promo for my soon-to-open-webstore! Looking forward to seeing your builds soon. Gunpla-on bro.

  2. LEon said

    These are cool kits! Hope to see you do that up soon. For me I am looking for HG ANA Gundam RX78-2 which is very difficult to find. 🙂

    • zerofigures said

      I want those as well but Don’t feel like paying those ebay price considering how much they actually paid for them on the flight. RX-78-2 are going to leave me broke.

  3. G.G. said

    I sold my last ANA HG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam yesterday…

    The prices for this kit on Ebay is outrageous.

    • zerofigures said

      Damn, i should have asked you about those too but , a lot of my figure preorders are coming in and I just got Halo Reach Legendary. A bad month for toys. Is there a possibility you may get more?

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