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My HGUC RX-93-v2 Gundam Build

Posted by zerofigures on September 8, 2010

While I’ve built a number of Gundam in the past, I’ve yet to do a write up or take pictures of any.  This weekend I decided to grab a kit and document the build. While this is not exactly a review, I’ll be giving thoughts on the kit as I went along.  I pick up Gundam according to those that feel look cool and have a cool set of accessories.  I have no dedication to any particular series.  I do not own, or plan to own any Zaku, but only time can tell.

When I build my Gundam, I do the regular lining and try to build them as clean as possible, removing all nubs.  This is the first kit that I have used files on and man does it make a difference.  From the days of my HG Freedom Gundam when I had no tools at all and used a nail clipper to remove parts from the runners and nubs from the parts, I can truly say, I’ve come a long way.  While not many, I’ve invested in an assortment of markers, clippers, tweezers  and files in recent months.  My build won’t involve painting or modifying in any way (unless I break something accidentally), so just consider mine, the Lazy Man’s Gundam (not to call other who don’t paint or modify lazy, I just like the term.  Straight builds, as clean as possible is what I strive for.

I originally picked this kit up while in Japan July of 2009.  While in the shop looking at the box, I liked the suit, color scheme and the price (Sticker is on the box, can you make out the store?).  I also picked up the RX-78-4, HG RX-78-2 and BB SD RX-78-2 seen in a previous post. On to the build!

Box Contents

Chest – Head – Weapons

Shoulders – Arms – Hands – Back

Feet – Knee Joints – Legs – Torso

It Lives!

Completed Shots


Wing? Thrusters?

Photo Session/Favorite Shots

So that’s it. There it is in all it’s glory.  For what it’s worth I love this kit.  I love the color scheme and think everything works well together. Gundam Guy modded his MG with paint and a new shield and it’s definitely awesome, but I lack the time, patience, tools and skills (currently) necessary to accomplish such a feat. While it may not be the most complex or highly articulated, it was a fun, fast build for me.  One thing I love about building Gundam is the sense of accomplishment once it’s done.  Being able to say “I did that” is really rewarding and fulfilling.

Only the last 3 pics have the decals applied. This was due to me not realizing they were stickers and not the rub-on decals I had though them to be.  I was going to save that task for later but decided to apply since the sticker are more easily applied.  His bazooka and gun are painted white on the on the box and manual and I would have like to have mine the same way but since I don’t have any paint, I left them as they were. I thought about using White-Out but that would have been extremely tacky, LOL.

I am not sure when the next one will be completed or which one will be completed but more are on the way.  Currently the longer the kit, the less like I am to dedicate time to it now, especially seeing as how Halo Reach will be out in about 6 days! I hoped you like this and appreciate any comments.

Which kit should I do next?

Eureka Seven Nirvash Spec 2

MG RX-78-4

RG RX-78-2

Mega Size RX-78-2

Leave your response in the comments


One Response to “My HGUC RX-93-v2 Gundam Build”

  1. heathorn said

    hguc hi nu is a nice kit, but looks somewhat chubbier compared to the MG counterpart.

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