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Perfect Timing Canon!

Posted by zerofigures on August 19, 2010

So I recently sold my point and shoot camera (Canon SD600) with the intention of purchasing the Canon S90.  I’ve been waiting for about 2 weeks now, checking and searching for deals everywhere, never finding the price I was willing to pay.  Well to my luck, the follow up to the Canon S90 has been announced and not a moment too soon!  While I’m sure it will be overpriced when it initially drops, after a couple of months the price should go down.

Before deciding on the S90 I was contemplating the Sd1400 as it had 720p HD video capability while the S90 did not (only 480p).  While much slimmer and cheaper, the power and praise of the S90 was too great to ignore.  Then I heard internet rumblings of the S95 and my interests were peaked.  Then lo and behold, Canon confirmed.  My patience has paid off.  The true test will come when the S95 is released and I have to decided whether the improvements are worth the jump in price from S90 which I’m sure will be discounted to move stock.

So until the S95 is released I will have to use my XSi for everything.


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