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My Gundam Collection

Posted by zerofigures on August 17, 2010

So with all this talk of my Gundam and researching them all day at work, I decided to show what I have.  Recently I was at Otakon and were talking to some guys.  We were sharing what kits we have and info on Gundam but when I told them what I have, they kinda shrugged me off like yeah right, bye.  My collection may not be that large or great but I’ve no reason to lie about it.

Going to Japan last year and seeing the 1:1 scale Gundam, really made me want to own every RX 78-2 I could find.  My HG and SD were both purchased there, as well as the RX 78-4 MG below.

Here are the Gundam I’ve built so far.  Freedom Gundam was my first.  I’ve come pretty far since then.

Here are the unbuilt kits I have waiting to be constructed.

Currently waiting on some tools to arrive from Japan so I’m holding off until they arrive.  Really nothing but a few markers, files, sandpaper and tweezers.  The Gundam Astray Red Frame is currently on Ebay.  At Otakon I saw the PG Astray and feel in love. 

There’s no real point in having having both the MG and PG, so I’m selling MG to save up for the PG.

I forgot to include these three in the un-built kits pic but these are waiting as well.  Picked up the two little ones at Otakon this year.

Once my tools arrive , I’ll try to do my first Photograph/build session.  Probably for something small, a MG would take a while.


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