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Hey KotoUS… What The Heck?

Posted by zerofigures on April 5, 2010

Every now and then I’m motivated to write a blog whether it be through happiness or sadness.  80% of this blog is listed under anger, while 20% is listed under satisfied.

First of all I would suggest reading my past blog about KotoUS.  All done?  Let’s Go!

I arrived home today to find a package waiting for me.  Now I wasn’t expecting anything at all because while I have nearly 20 open orders at various websites, I keep a list of those which I’ve received shipping notifications for.  I am only expecting International packages at the moment and when you get enough Intl. packages you know what they look like.  This box was clearly not International.  Anyway I pick it up and its from KotoUS!

Normally, a person is kinda ecstatic to receive something they’ve ordered and have been anticipating.  That’s usually how I am, but not today.  WTF is what I thought.  I ordered this Asuka 9/26/2010, and the site (still) says “Available in JANUARY 2010!”  As a figure collector I understand that things get delayed and I’m used to waiting.  I’ve waited nearly 2 months for items from Japan (which I received shipment notices for), so I wouldn’t say I’m very impatient (especially when things are out of my control).

Their site says that they charge for items when they ship, according to my CC statement I was charged on 9/27.  So having paid for this thing months ago I needed answers.  I sent 3 emails, 1 late January, 1 late February and 1 late March asking for updates.  I did not receive one response.  I did not receive a shipping confirmation nor I did not receive any answers.  I even tried calling but no one picked up, just voice mail.  But today I got package.

Seeing as how I was charged early, hadn’t received any order updates and the products page was not updated to reflect lateness or delay, I was getting worried.  Everyone else was getting their Asuka’s and here I am sitting in limbo.  Other retailers were selling out and I needed to know whether or not I needed to order somewhere else.  I don’t know if my last email threatening to contact my credit card company prompted action and they were crazy trying to find one to send me and here I am with it now.  I have no answers I just know that after getting charged early and not hearing anything for months, I finally have her.  I don’t know if someone went above and beyond to get this to me or what.  I have no answers, I just have Asuka.

So I opened the box and there she was sitting tightly wrapped in tiny bubble wrap, poorly packaged.  My $14 shipping clearly did not go to waste.  I understand it’s shipping and HANDLING but shipping wasn’t even $10, so $5 for this poor handling?  Someone need a better shipping calculator.   But I have nobody to blame but myself, I knew I was over paying.  I could have gotten a cheaper total price elsewhere but since I had such a positive transaction the first go round, why not show some love and welcome Koto to the US!

There was once A company called BuyRite, I hope KotoUS does not follow their business model.

This was my second and sadly final KotoUS purchase.

Asuka is not happy (though she is smiling).

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