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Utada Hikaru + “In The Flesh” + The Fillmore NYC = Pure Awesome!

Posted by zerofigures on February 9, 2010

It 12:10am, 2/9/2010 and I’m just getting home from perhaps the concert of a life time.  to my knowledge this is the first time Utada Hikaru has performed in NYC and I was there to experience it.  The are no really words to express the awsomeness that tonight truly was but if you must, just think of the most extremely positive adjectives and you have “In the Flesh”.

Thought I was getting there early but boy was I wrong, the line wrapped around at least 2 corners of the block.  So after nearly 3 hours on line, we get inside and get the shit rocked out of us by Utada and her band.  A top notch performance with provided by Utada and all the love we could possibly show her made the night one to remember.  I’m gonna keep this short since I must sleep and get up at 6am. After nearly 2 hours on stage, and giving Utada the loudest crowd reaction for her in the U.S. (sorry Vegas, this is her hometown after all), the packed Fillmore NYC goes on to chant “encore” and  “Utada” with lots of clapping for nearly (or more than) five minutes.  Five minutes isn’t really long but when you’re waiting to see if Utada and the band would respond, it felt like forever. The Queen finally comes back out and proceeds to rock the house some more with “Simple and Clean” and her favorite song “Me Muero.”

Aside from little pauses to talk to the crowd she seemed to go nonstop, no real “stage exiting” breaks.  I would post pics but we were prohibited from doing so, not exactly sure why but I am to assume that the flashes wouldn’t help her performance.

Thank you Utada for a night to remember and welcome home!


2 Responses to “Utada Hikaru + “In The Flesh” + The Fillmore NYC = Pure Awesome!”

  1. I’m shaking just to imagine how this concert was in this wonderful place. I envy you, really. I love Utada. Her songs are so beautiful to listen. And she’s so pretty.
    Too bad you can’t post photos. But, well, could you eventually send me a few by email ? I would be so happy 🙂

    • zerofigures said

      I really would love to post pics if I had them but I didn’t want anything to ruin the night so I decided to obey the rules, There were lots of people breaking the rules and some have posted images and videos on the net. I’m pretty sure that she will eventually post them on her site It’s been update with photos of previous events, so I’m patiently waiting for the NYC pics. There was also a lot of video taping going on so I hope it ends up as DVD footage somewhere down the line. Being that this is her hometown and we were quite loud I would hope that makes it way on a DVD.

      The energy of the crowd was awesome. We Utada fans are truly something special !!

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