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Kotobukiya’s Venus on the Beach Kasumi

Posted by zerofigures on November 25, 2009

Why oh why must you do this to me Kotobukiya!?  As I try to limit my spending, and I try not to pre-order any figures, as I try to reduce my massive collection, you just keep pulling me back in.  There is absolutely no way to pass up on this new beauty coming our way.

I have been able to resist the temptation of many figures recently but after learning of this today, I fell prey to this magnificent item of PVC.

Not only have I been waiting for the next Venus on the Beach figure from Kotobukiya, but I’m a slut for just about anything Dead or Alive.

See my past review for Kokoro Venus on the Beach.

I apologize for my lack of updates but a shit load of games have been released recently it’s difficult to keep up with that as it is.  With news of Kasumi coming I may have to release the other VotB’s soon.  We’ll see what time allows.

One more for the road…

Kasumi can be pre-ordered through multiple figure retailers now

(release date will vary with retailer)

PlayAsia HobbyfanE2046


Pick your poison.

4 Responses to “Kotobukiya’s Venus on the Beach Kasumi”

  1. If she’s as much successful than the other girls, i say yes! But her feet, frozen like this perplexed me :/
    You don’t continue with your blog ?

    • zerofigures said

      😀 – Her feet are not frozen, she is on the side of a pool. It does look weird at first , but once you figure it out it makes sense.

      Everyday I see well kept blogs and they inspire me to update mine but I blame my lack of updating on the large amount of very good games that have come out in the recent months and also on inexpensive games. I have many games to play and little time.

      I would rather do no job on reviewing figures than doing a poor review of a figure. Setting up, taking pictures, resizing and uploading and making sure everything is perfect is time consuming.

      But I haven’t given up on the blog, just need time and space to get the job done.

  2. Hey hey, those games when you start them you forgot about everything else. LooooL
    I agree with you : if it’s to do some bad work and post whatsoever… it’s pointless. Take the time you need! 🙂
    In any case, i’ll wait your futures updates. I’ll add you to my link as well 🙂

    • zerofigures said

      thank you for linking me and believing in me. I promise I am not done doing reviews, just on a small vacation. 🙂

      “When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.”

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