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OMG! American Dollar Vs. Japanese Yen = WTF?!

Posted by zerofigures on September 14, 2009

Wow, I’ve not blogged anything in a long time but standing in the elevator this morning I am moved to express my disgust at the American Dollar aka USD.

As a figure collector and import of fine goods from Japan it literally hurt me (in my pockets) to see that the the exchange rate was 90.6120 Yen to One American Dollar. Absolutely horrible.  I can only speak from the consumer side.  I am not into politics and economics, all I know is that this sucks.

God only knows what the rate will be once some of my pre-orders are finally released in the weeks to come.  When I went to Japan in early July, I think the exchange rate was about 98 Yen to the dollar or something like that (and I wasn’t to excited about that).  That rate sure put a slight dent in my purchases while in Japan and it seems that Japans economic forces are trying to thrown a monkey wrench into  my figure collecting.

I’ve been wanting to do somethings but have held off due to money but yet I still keep collecting.  There are certain figures that I must have before I cease my buying.  Even when I’m done I know I simply can’t just quit, it will just mean limiting my purchases to specific artist or characters or manufacturers.  I will try to limit my purchases to items within those categories.  Right now, as a collector, have to really consider whether or not a figure is something to desire.  many factors come into play such as manufacturer (will the retail product be as good as the prototype), size of the figure vs it’s price ($85 and up + Shipping for a 1/8 figure, really?), and hype (I follow the scene but am sometimes thrown back by the response some items get when I have a vague idea of its origin).  Even with limits in place, I know it’s too much.  I feel a figure sale coming on.

But I digress, I don’t know what’s going on between the U.S. and Japan but shit needs to get reconciled fast, cause I doubt that I’m the only one who might stop importing good from Japan in the future.  I’ve seen a good figure importer go under a couple months back and I know times are hard but the exchange rate is getting a bit out of hand.

This mornings Wall Street Journal has the headline “China Strikes Back on Trade”.  China is threatening to limit the intake of U.S. goods due to a “tax” the U.S. has imposed on tires manufactured in China.  Can’t we all just get along with each other?  We all need each other, so being  in each other good graces should pay off but what do I know I’m not some elderly person with any say in the government.  Perhaps it all seems easier than it actually is but I just know how I’d like it to be.  Imagine if we all got our way…..

These are just the words of a simple figure collector.

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