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A Present From Kotobukiya

Posted by zerofigures on July 18, 2009

Came home last night from work to discover a (semi)-unexpected package.   I say semi because they said it was coming, I just had no idea when.   A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Kotobuiya mentioning a site relaunch and that the first initial batch of customers who placed an order would be up to receiving a free shirt featuring Shunya Yamashita’s Rogue artwork.    As a fan of both Shunya, Kotobukiya and free things, I decided to give it a chance.  Placed an order for some Gurren Lagann goods and when that order arrived there was no shirt >_< Included in that package were my ordered items, cd, catalog and a note.

The cd contained hi-res images of up coming figures and Kotobukiya items, the catalog listed the upcoming releases and the note said that the shirts weren’t ready to be shipped yet but would arrive soon.  Well lo-and-behold here it is.  The price was right and Kotobukiya has made an existing customer very happy.

On a side note while in Japan, I visited the  Kotobukiya store and nearly JIMP.  I nearly lost it.  I don’t know how I managed to walk out with buying anything but I did.  I have a majority of the items they had in-store on preorder already so I guess that helped (and transporting them back to the U.S is a task in itself. Will post those pics when that day comes.







3 Responses to “A Present From Kotobukiya”

  1. oneandonlyjem said

    That is so damn cool.

  2. Woooow! I love this tee-shirt!!! It’s so beautiful! I am jealous 😉

  3. […] of all I would suggest reading my past blog about KotoUS.  All done?  Let’s […]

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