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Destination: Japan

Posted by zerofigures on June 18, 2009

Well the moment has finally come, the many years of buying figures, taking Japanese language classes, listening to Japanese music and watching anime and Japanese movies have finally lead to an actual trip to their origin.

The desire to be there and take in the culture is currently being shadowed by the planning phase which is proving to be a challenge.

The days are set but where do I stay and for how long?  Do I switch to a different hotel for a couple of days in another area?

Do I buy a rail pass if I only want to go to one other city other than tokyo?  Since this is my first trip (doubt it will be my last), should I aim to do a bit less traveling and just enjoy Tokyo and surrounding areas?  How big is Tokyo?

Where is the best place to book these details online?

Argh, so many details and time is winding down, help meeee………

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