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Demonbane’s Another Blood by Max Factory

Posted by zerofigures on January 25, 2009

AnotherBlood (1b)

This latest review will be part of my elegance series.  I figure that I have at least one figure left before this ideas dies but I’ll enjoy it for what it is.  I’ll also be adding Kokoro from my last posting to this series since she gave me the idea.

AnotherBlood (3)

AnotherBlood (5)AnotherBlood (7)AnotherBlood (9)

As strange as it may seem, the name of the character actually seems to be “Another Blood” and she comes from what I understand to be an anime.   Before being adapted into an anime it was an eroge for PC.  Anyone with better info please feel free to provide it or you can consult the wiki.    The Demonbane series is also responsible for Metatron, Eserudoraida, and Al Azif.  I can guarantee a future review of at least one of those three.  I have not watched the series yet but will be doing so once I have the time.

Demonbane is brought to us by the fabulous Nitro+.  They are also responsible for Jingai Makyo, the series which gives us the Misae Makimoto Fantastica PVC and all of the beautiful Ignis PVCs.

AnotherBlood (16)

I almost passed this figure by but seeing it more and more made me realize just how beautiful it is.  What first turned me off was the loli-ness.  It just wasn’t oppai enough for me.  but her glaring eyes along with that devious smile worked its toll on me.  The color scheme, along with the level of detail in the outfit and hair makes this one a no brainer. The only things that held me back on purchasing was as I said before, the loli-ness and the exposure during her curtsy.  While there have been more shocking poses, the loli factor makes this one kinda controversial.  If it doesn’t spark some questions, it might at least get people thinking …the wrong thing.

AnotherBlood (25)AnotherBlood (21)

AnotherBlood (40)

Depending on how you chose to display it, the figure can be just as safe as any other to display without worry.  The height level matters because the higher you place her, the more you see under her.  The lower you place her, the less you have to worry about. Though if you have any figures which you have to REALLY think about before displaying, perhaps you should have thought about it before buying it.

AnotherBlood (15)

As much as I like this figure, I am not posting all the pictures I can  (makes me feel kinda dirty).  If you don’t like this figure by now, you wouldn’t like the extra pics and if you do like this figure so far then I urge you to buy it and enjoy your own pics. ^_^


One Response to “Demonbane’s Another Blood by Max Factory”

  1. Lightosan said

    Very Nice figure. Love her pose 🙂

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