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Capcom’s Darkstalkers Graphic File by Udon

Posted by zerofigures on January 26, 2009

Just got this book in after nearly a years wait.  I placed my order for this book through on April 7, 2008.  After multiple emails updating me that of released date being pushed back, my order didn’t ship until January 14th, 2009.   If that does show my dedication to this book, then I don’t know what does.

Morrigan Felicia Art

As a long time video game fan and a lover of 2D fighters when this book was announced I knew I had to have it.  I knew very little about what the book would contain but that didn’t matter as it mentioned it would include artwork collected from the Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior series.

At first glance of the Darkstalker’s Graphic File, expecting and a book full of art, I was disappointed to find out that it was not so.  Out of 140 pages it only gives about 23 pages dedicated to the art itself.  I felt quite ripped off immediately.  There are however very detailed biographies through out the book which do provide additional art.  You can also think of it as a game guide since it provides the move lists for the characters.  All Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior games for all systems are listed in the back noting every character and what game they have appeared in.

Art IMArt figure section

This book isn’t really a reader, but instead you should enjoy the art, concepts and ideas.  There’s really nothing to do but appreciate the information which is presented to you and seek to enlighten yourself with things about the series you didn’t know.  I enjoyed the art for Dee, a character I knew nothing about before getting the book.  It’s great to learn about the characters and history behind the games.  There’s even a small section dedicated to figures.

My favorite fighting game company has always been Capcom,  giving us such series as Street Fighter, Rival Schools, Darkstalkers (Vampire Savior), and the VS series kept me indoors (arcade or home) for hours.  Many of those games complete my collection today.  I’ve always been a fan of Capcoms artwork regarding their fighting games and always jump at owning any of it as part of my collection.  I already own Udon’s Art of Capcom book and as a former comic book collector, I enjoy Udon’s work.  Just recently purchased the new Street Fighter Legends Chun Li and I’ve even picked up their trade paper backs (TPB) of the Street Fighter series.

The current generation of fighting games is great (Tecmo, Namco, etc. ), but it’s really nothing like the ones I grew up with.  I remember playing those Capcom fighters in the arcade for hours on end.  Then later, once the game was released for home consoles, like the Sega Saturn, playing an arcade perfect translation for even more hours.  This is a great piece of nostalgia for any fan of the series or capcom.  I have no doubt that there will be some facts in this book that fans will find interesting and fun.

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Demonbane’s Another Blood by Max Factory

Posted by zerofigures on January 25, 2009

AnotherBlood (1b)

This latest review will be part of my elegance series.  I figure that I have at least one figure left before this ideas dies but I’ll enjoy it for what it is.  I’ll also be adding Kokoro from my last posting to this series since she gave me the idea.

AnotherBlood (3)

AnotherBlood (5)AnotherBlood (7)AnotherBlood (9)

As strange as it may seem, the name of the character actually seems to be “Another Blood” and she comes from what I understand to be an anime.   Before being adapted into an anime it was an eroge for PC.  Anyone with better info please feel free to provide it or you can consult the wiki.    The Demonbane series is also responsible for Metatron, Eserudoraida, and Al Azif.  I can guarantee a future review of at least one of those three.  I have not watched the series yet but will be doing so once I have the time.

Demonbane is brought to us by the fabulous Nitro+.  They are also responsible for Jingai Makyo, the series which gives us the Misae Makimoto Fantastica PVC and all of the beautiful Ignis PVCs.

AnotherBlood (16)

I almost passed this figure by but seeing it more and more made me realize just how beautiful it is.  What first turned me off was the loli-ness.  It just wasn’t oppai enough for me.  but her glaring eyes along with that devious smile worked its toll on me.  The color scheme, along with the level of detail in the outfit and hair makes this one a no brainer. The only things that held me back on purchasing was as I said before, the loli-ness and the exposure during her curtsy.  While there have been more shocking poses, the loli factor makes this one kinda controversial.  If it doesn’t spark some questions, it might at least get people thinking …the wrong thing.

AnotherBlood (25)AnotherBlood (21)

AnotherBlood (40)

Depending on how you chose to display it, the figure can be just as safe as any other to display without worry.  The height level matters because the higher you place her, the more you see under her.  The lower you place her, the less you have to worry about. Though if you have any figures which you have to REALLY think about before displaying, perhaps you should have thought about it before buying it.

AnotherBlood (15)

As much as I like this figure, I am not posting all the pictures I can  (makes me feel kinda dirty).  If you don’t like this figure by now, you wouldn’t like the extra pics and if you do like this figure so far then I urge you to buy it and enjoy your own pics. ^_^

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Beach-goer Kokoro from DOAX2 by Kotobukiya

Posted by zerofigures on January 15, 2009


Ahhhh, it’s been a long time but here is the latest addition to my collection. The lovely Kokoro who first made her appearance in Dead or Alive 4. I’ve followed DOA from PS1 to Dreamcast to PS2 to Xbox to Xbox 360. The only version I never got was the Saturn import. The creators, Team Ninja, went on to make Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball for the original Xbox which was somewhat fun. That game received a sequel on the 360 which wasn’t very fun. The difficulty was increased and some feats were just impossible.

Kokoro (2)

Kokoro (6)Kokoro (5)Kokoro (4)

From that sequel, Kotobukiya has produced the “Venus on the Beach” DOAX2 PVC series. The previous releases include (not necessarily in this order) Kasumi, Lei Fang, Tina, Hitomi, Ayane and now Kokoro. When the first, Kasumi was released, importing these figures cost about $80+, the more patient U.S. collector could have picked up Kasumi for almost under $40 in some places. With each release, I seem to have to pay a higher and higher price. Normally Kotobukiya releases are able to keep low prices once a N.A. release happens but I don’t know what’s going on.

Kokoro (9)
I was able to get mine from GCS Toys & Collectibles. This small start up provides quality service and isn’t widely know. I was able to find my Max Factory Shana and Shuraki’s Char Rhousemann long after they had been sold out at other sites. I believe those two examples may have long been sold out from the site but they are just examples. I’ve placed many orders GCS and have never been disappointed. I was however disappointed to find out that business was not going so well due to the economic situation. As such the business may be going under. Normally I say it’s survival of the fittest, but the level of service that I have received makes me want to keep one of the better legit PVC and Hobby retailers around for a long time. All I’m asking is that anyone reading this will take a look at the site and see if you can find that rare missing item from your collection. Please keep in mind that the more legit retailers we have round who provide great service, the less you will have to turn to ebay and possibly buy a fake item.

But I digress, though I have the other figures, this is the latest DOAX2 figure and since I’ve wanted to test out my new XSI, she was the prime target. Hopefully the quality of the pics will improve as a get better with the camcera.

Kokoro (19)

The main thing I love about this figure is her umbrella. It’s an actual mini Japanese paper umbrella. I can’t say that this feature sold me on the figures since I’m collecting the lot, but it sure helped. Further up the handle you can find a locking mechanism which keeps the umbrella open.

Kokoro (12)

The other accessories include her Citron outfit from DOAX2, two small bows to be attached on her hips, the beaded neck strap and the base. The Skirt has built in panties to keep her bikini hidden when you display Citron.  A few pictures up you can the notches in her chest that allow her nexk strap to be attached.

Kokoro (11)Kokoro (8)Kokoro (10)

Her Apple bikini is not removable. It is permanently built on to the figure.

Kokoro (18)

This may well be my favorite of the DOAX2 Venus on the Beach series. This figure is simply beautiful. Maybe it’s my love of most things Japanese, but this Apprentice Geisha while not my favorite character in DOA4, has easily become of my favorite figures. Dare I say she is the most simple, natural and most realistic of the DOAX2 VotB series so far.

Kokoro (15)

Hey Kotobukiya, Christie, Helena and La Mariposa (aka Lisa) still haven’t been released. I’m sure that I’m not the only one waiting for them so please keep up the good work and I can guarantee you at least one sale 😉

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1UP and EGM Down and All Around Ramblings

Posted by zerofigures on January 7, 2009

Lot’s of rain today in NYC.  Train ride wasn’t bad.  Got a seat, and miraculously didn’t have anyone sitting next to me with “Restless-Me Syndrome”.  That’s what I call it when women can’t seem to keep out of their bags or just for no damn good reason keep on fidgeting and elbowing me every 5 minutes. 

Apparently some people seem to think that rain is a good reason to play sick, stay home and not come into work.  When my commute is 50 minutes and yours is 20 minutes, I feel no compassion.

Speaking of compassion, as a gamer, I must express my sadness about multiple losses to the gaming community.  Once Ziff Davis property, 1UP has been sold to Hearst Corporation’s UGO.  The worst part of it all, a large part of the 1UP staff has been let go as a result of the sale.  I didn’t use 1UP much, but word on the street is that they provided some quality gaming podcast. 

EGM, the finest gaming magazine for mature gamers has ceased publication. As if it wasn’t sad enough to see Dan “Shoe” Hsu go, now the whole damn magazine is done, thanks a lot ZD.  I seriously don’t think I’ll ever subscribe to another gaming magazine now that EGM is gone.  GamePro and GameInformer just don’t lay it out like EGM does, IMO they seem to target a younger audience.  I grew up with EGM and enjoyed getting an issue every month.  EGM was loved and will be missed.  Guess ‘ll have to rely massively on Joystiq and Kotaku now.

The gaming community is buzzing today about this news.  Some of my favorite sites are providing coverage of the 1UP/UGO/EGM situation.  More info through (1,2), (1,2) and

I wish everyone who got the short end of the stick well in their future endeavors. 


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On Strike

Posted by zerofigures on January 3, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates people.  Everysince I’ve been trying to get a new camera, the idea of taking pictures with my current camera just doesn’t move me.  It’s done me well up until now and there’s nothing wrong with itbut I’m just a bit psyched about my upcoming new toy.  It shoudl be here mid next week so provideing all goes well, lots of updates should be coming soon.  I’m also in the market for new 4 GB & 8 Gb SDHC cards Class 6 or better so once I get those, well be good to go.

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