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Happy Holidays 2008!

Posted by zerofigures on December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays to everyone!

May you receive all of the figures, games and anime that your heart desires.  May your loved ones be well.

Eat much and be merry!


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Jones BigASS Truck Rental & Storage

Posted by zerofigures on December 16, 2008

You know, with all of these figures I have laying around, I really feel like it’s time to put some in storage and I think I may have just found the perfect location.

It may seem a bit shady at first but you definitely can’t beat his rates, and things with ASS in the title can’t be that bad, right?

After seeing this commercial, I over-ordered on furniture and may have it store it at at Jones Place.

I couldn’t resist, it’s just like a mini-mall!

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Shunya Yamashita Presents X-Men’s Rogue Bishoujo Figure

Posted by zerofigures on December 10, 2008


Those who have followed my collection should be well aware that I’m a huge Shunya fan. His images and art style are simply full of beauty and eroticness. So when my girlfriend mentioned something about a new Shunya figure, my figure antenna went up full staff. When she mentioned it was Rogue, I was a bit taken back. I had earlier been scanning my email and received notice of it through an online retailer. Things is, I took no notice of it (quickly scanning through your email early in the morning will cause that).  I actually saw the thumbnail and moved on, “Oh, Rogue” I said.  Now, knowing that Shunya had a hand in it’s creation, it’s got my full attention.


Upon further investigation and higher resolution pictures, another must have Shunya was added to my list. The pose, the face, the hair, the body, all simply stunning. Shunya’s presentation shows Rogue in a whole new light. All my years of Marvel comic’s never made me feel this way about Rogue.

p4Totally Off Topic but it’s 8:45pm EST and my Persona 4 with Artbook and Soundtrack just arrived through some carrier services Amazon .com uses.  While this is the latest package I’ve ever received it’s still Awesome!

Back on topic,  though this is a Shunya, I’ve never seen an actual 2d image of the original drawing if there is one as I have most.  To my knowledge it isn’t in any of the artbooks I have.  If anyone has a link, I’d be more than appreciative if you could provide it.


This is a Kotobukiya release so the quality should be damn good and should closely resemble the prototype we are now being shown.  I beg those who will make the decision on which Shunya/marvel character to release next, to please go with Storm.  Not only because of the lack of ethnic figures but Storm would be awesome with her flowing cape and white hair.  followed up buy Phoenix/Jean Grey, She-Hulk, Black Cat and maybe a hot Jubilee for the loli lovers.

gotta love this shot

gotta love this shot

For my preorder, I went through ToysLogic.  Never had a problem with them for many orders.  Shipping is cheap and so is the figure compared to many recent releases.

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Dragonball Evolution Movie Trailer = OMG! WTF? WHY? OH WHY?

Posted by zerofigures on December 10, 2008

Title says it all, here’s something that shouldn’t exist, kinda like a live action Akira movie (but that’s TBD).

I’m not even a huge fan of the series but this just seems wrong, and to get Chow Yun Fat involved in this? Don’t bring any more of our heroes down with you American Hollywood!

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Black Friday and Imploding Credit Cards

Posted by zerofigures on December 3, 2008

Hey, What goes on people? Haven’t posted in a while but I’m still around and the figures are still coming. Been meaning to update you guys on lots of new figures (Kai Harn, Aya, NonNon, Kanu) that I’ve gotten but just haven’t had the time.

There’s a lot of gaming to be done and I definitely have enough stock. Completing Lego Batman with the GF so that will take some time. Borrowed Midnight Club:La from a friend and that’s going well. Hope to be done with that soon as I’d like to move on to any of the various games that I’ve purchased recently including Fallout 3, Orange Box, MGS4, Uncharted, and Rainbow Six Vegas 1 (two was so good, I decided to pick up one). Gears of War 2 is going great (also got the lancer from amazon and RC tank from Best Buy), Halo 3 is always a good play, Still haven’t touched my Lost Planet, and I’ve yet to do more than 2 stages in the tower in Soul Calibur IV. All of this and yet I still have Blue Dragon, The Simpsons Game, Burnout Paradise, Pure, Arcana Heart, Final Fantasy Crisis Core, and Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit still sealed. That’s not even including my full PS2 backlog.

There are just so many damn good games out this season that it’s impossible to resist most. Especially with this past weekends sale due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is indeed one of the best BF’s to be a gamer. Too bad it had to show up when the economy is is such shitty shape.

The way I’m spending it’s almost as if i don’t realize we’re in a recession. Investing in a new Canon xsi and hope to be having fun with that soon. Seems like every week, 2-4 figures I preordered months ago decided to be released. Too much time in from the the computer is leading me to be on Ebay and bid on things that I may not need but definitely want, like a couple of rare games or a missing car or two from amy Hot Wheels collection.

Everyday it’s something new. Walked in to a store to sell some CDs I had laying around and as I am waiting for that to get done, I look around the store and see figures. I rush over to find a couple of things I’d love to have if I had more space and money. Two things stood out. the First was Fate Stay Rider Bust included as a freebie with some manga or something. I really have no idea what else is in the box but at $10 i couldn’t pass it up. I some how felt I was getting a good deal (even if I wasn’t), can some body let me know if that was a good deal? It’s brand new in box from Kaiyodo. Is it rare, old? Second item I jumped on was Alter’s Aegis box was damaged a bit but at $40 she immediately grew on me. Her design/stance makes me think she may be a leaner though.

While all of this is going there’s still the issue of Christmas presents for friends and family. Geez, gotta keep my eyes open for some good deals. My credit card company is gonna love me but my postal carriers are surely going to hate me. Whats a decent tip for postal carriers for the holiday season?

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