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Shunya Yamashita’s Karin and Noel by E2046 Gathering

Posted by zerofigures on November 8, 2008

Noel Karin
Last Saturday was a great day, 3 figures arrived at once but since I was headed out of town for the weekend and it’s been a stressful week, this review arrives now.  Today I’ll focus on 2 figures out of those 3 (the third’s review will arrive soon).

Noel Karin (23)
Two more great Gathering Kits from E2046, Karin and Noel, lack nothing in the hot and sexy department.  If you’ve seen my previous review of Niniane, then you will realize this review is along the same lines and find out why these two figures are so great.

Noel Karin (1)

As with Shion and Niniane, Karin and Noel were both originally busts.  Sadly bust lack legs and there were no signs of either coming out with legs.  E2046 has done the figure community a great favor by adding legs.  As a bonus to the addition of legs they have also included custom bases for both (Noel with her tiger skin and Karin with her roman pillar settings. My Karin base wasn’t flat as it should be, it was somewhat curved, probably will flatten in time.

Noel Karin (5)Noel Karin (18)

Both figures are great examples of quality workmanship on E2046’s part.  I am in no way disappointed with either but the best of the two is definitely Karin.  It seems that the majority agree since she is currently sold out at E2046 while Noel is currently in stock (only 5 left at the moment).

Noel Karin (9)Noel Karin (8)
The original art for Noel gives seems to capture her anger, attitude, and ferociousness.  But neither the bust nor the E2046’s version capture that well.  In the end she seems to have a cute face with slightly chubby cheeks offset by that badass Mike Tyson face tattoo.  The claws on the bust version seem to be sharper the E2046’s ver. from pictures, but I don’t mind that since I’m not a fan of being cut and scraped by my figures.

Noel Karin (3)Noel Karin (4)
Noel has nice curves and, IMO, is somewhat of a cross between a badass bond girl and Han from Enter the Dragon.  She is very easy on the eye in the tight black leather outfit and seems to have and affinity for tigers or for killing tigers.  Noel isn’t exactly a must have but is a great addition to any Shunya Collection.

Noel Karin (12)
Saving the best for last brings me to Karin.  Karin is beautiful with her tempting glance and innocent stance.  She resembles a Greek goddess IMO.  Erotic but classy.  Sexy but dangerous.  Keep an eye on that dagger in the right hand.  Not exactly a WMD but I’m sure she knows how to handle herself.

karin-bustNoel Karin (16)
The tattoo’s on her upper and lower back are are a great and look much cleaner and finer than on the original busts.  The original busts tattoo seemed like the lines were too thick and resembled a large blob of paint on her back.  One thing I noticed was a small bubble of air behind the upper back tattoo which if touched would probably break the decal. The original busts seems to have more of a booty than E2046.  E2046 doesn’t seem to get the booty and thighs perfect.  They get them “just right” but not perfect.  Don’t get me wrong I know I’m not dealing with the busts but the original’s face seems more seductive and older.  While E2046’s seems lighter, happier and younger.

Noel Karin (14)Noel Karin (21)Noel Karin (15)
The flower in her hair isn’t very detailed but is recognizable.  The gold accents such as her armlets and bealt are fine.  The added legs aren’t a complicated design and I don’t know why Kotobukiya couldn’t do it but oh well, that’s why we have E2046.


2 Responses to “Shunya Yamashita’s Karin and Noel by E2046 Gathering”

  1. yumyu said

    nice review! only if I can afford 2 Gathering figures at the same time, lol.

  2. lylibellule2208 said

    Very nice this review. you’ll make me regret not having taken Karin …

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