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Shunya Yamashita’s MC Axis P-40 Nose Art Girl

Posted by zerofigures on October 28, 2008

MC Axis

Everyone’s favorite artist, Shunya Yamashita is at it again.  His art has once again inspired a beautiful PVC adaptation. The latest beauty is known as MC Axis P-40 Nose Art Girl.  As a huge fan of Shuya’s art and PVC beauties, I recognized the figure style and knew I was going to have her.  Though knot familiar with the Manufacturer, RANA (according to HLJ), I was not put off.  I knew I had to take the chance to own her.
MC Axis (18)

I can’t say I’m a fan of past wars or fighter planes or any thing along that line, but I thought the concept was pretty cool.  I love the army green scheme and the addition of fighter planes aspects (art, gun, boots and propeller).
MC Axis (9)MC Axis (10)

From here propellers down to her combat boots, She is very easy on the eyes.  Only thing I’d change is her name.  I’d prefer she had a proper name to identify her. Not sure what MC Axis is and P-40 Nose Art Girl is long and not sexy.  I will now dub her Plane Jane.
MC Axis (1)MC Axis (2)

The P-40 Warhawk Tiger Shark is the type of plane that the shark image originated on. The internet is full of information on the history of the Warhawk for those interested.  Here’s a quick summary:

MC Axis (8)

“Over 16,000 P-40 Warhawks served throughout most fronts in the early days of WWII. Their success became legendary for the Allied forces operating in China, Burma and India.

The first P-40 flew in 1938 and it is considered the all-metal fighter and ground attack aircraft. It was used in great numbers in the Second World War.

The P-40 Warhawk is a version of the P-36 used to enable mass production of frontline fighters. About 13,738 of P-40 were produced in November 1944. They were used throughout the war by air forces of different nations. The success of the aircraft became legendary as front liners for the Allied forces.”

MC Axis (16)

She has a simple castoff process and is easy to handle. She can be displayed in a couple of variations and poses. Nothing to extravagant though, it is PVC and not intended to be posed. I’m just referring to her arms and optional clothing.
MC Axis (11)

For me this figrue was love at first sight.  With Shunya figures you can usually decide whether or not you will buy a figure at first sight.  I’ve seen a couple that I’m not really into but hope to pick up on sale somewhere someday. MC Axis P-40 Nose Art Girl can be found at HLJ though it is currently backordered. It’s price is a little higher than average but I think it’s worth it. It is still available at PlayAsia however, one of the few place to have it in stock.


6 Responses to “Shunya Yamashita’s MC Axis P-40 Nose Art Girl”

  1. Blowfish said

    Mine is still waiting for shipment.I fell in love with her at first sight as well.Im glad she turned out good.Man im awaiting 3 Yamashita figures this month ^^

  2. Joz said

    This is probably the best written review for this statuette I’ve seen online!

    I quite agree with your point on Shunya statue/figurines

    “you can usually decide whether or not you will buy a figure at first sight…”

    I ordered mine as soon as I saw the “pre-order” thumbnail at HobbySearch.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve included a link to this page from my Flickr page on this product.

  3. zerofigures said

    Blowfish – What are the other two Shunya’s you are waiting for?

    Joz – thanks a lot for your comment. I love my figures and am happy that I was able to help you as well. Don’t mind you linking at all, spread the love. Again, thank you and please come back. I have a lot of figure’s I’ve yet to open or review, so you may be seeing some oldies one day.

  4. Blowfish said

    NoseArtGirl finally arrived and i broke a part of her bra during castoff…:/ Nothing major and when fixed with superglue its invisible but still bleh…

    Im still waiting for Canal and Creators Labo Rei ^^

  5. zerofigures said

    Man that’s not cool, you gotta handle the pvc ladies as you would a real lady, nice and gentle 😉 At least you were able to fix her. I’m waiting on Canal as well, I got the CL Rei in PVC form from e2046 awhile ago as a gift from my girlfriend.

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