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eBay Listings Part Deux

Posted by zerofigures on October 27, 2008

Just a preview of what’s to come within the next week in terms of eBay listing.

Ikki Tousen – Ryomou Shimei – Yamato

Shuraki -Nida (Needa) – Good Smile

Shuraki – Char Rhousemann – Good Smile sold

Street Fighter – Chun Li – Organic

Capcom vs SNK 2 – Mai Shiranui & Chun Li – San Diego ComiCon 2005 Exclusive sold

will update with links soon


2 Responses to “eBay Listings Part Deux”

  1. Jeremy said

    Man, you are teasing me. I may to do some bidding.

    I know that the Nida and Char Rhousemann having some cast-offs. Does the Ryomou Shimei have any cast offs?

  2. zerofigures said

    Sorry but there’s no bidding the prices are set. it was cheaper to list this way for longer.
    Nida and Char do indeed have cast off but I do not believe Ryomou does, I think this figure was out before cast offs became a regular thing.

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