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Capcom Maniax’s Felicia is a Frisky Feline

Posted by zerofigures on October 17, 2008

Just got my new Capcom Maniax figure yesterday.  She is Felicia of Capcom’s Darkstalkers also known as Night Warriors and Vampire Savior.  This half woman, half cat is one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite series.  I have been following the series since 1996 on the Playstation.  She’s probably the first character that I ever used during gameplay.  I always go for speed and agility over strength and power.  Or maybe it’s just the eyes, since I went straight for Mai Shiranui in Fatal Fury.

Felicia (8)
But I digress, this is the third release in the Capcom Maniax line.  It was released not too long after the initial two, Ibuki and R. Mika.  Since the first were released as a set i was hoping for another to be released along side Felicia, but alas, nothing.  I am sure that Morrigan (or any other Darkstalkers female charcter) would have been 2nd figure in this release.

Felicia (1)Felicia (2)
Felicia is a great figure with a unique pose unlike most figures released as of late.  Just looking at this figure makes me want to dust off Darkstalers 3 and get a few rounds in.  The figure seems to come to life as she scales the wall minding the gap.

Felicia (6)
The figure screams Felicia and represents her well from her blue eyes, to her claws, to her hair standing on end. I believe this is the second Felicia to be released within the past year and it does not disappoint.  I had the other pre-ordered but after seeing it at a convention, I quickly canceled my order.

Felicia (9)Felicia (14)
She looks like a playful pussy stalking her prey.  With not much covering her in the first place, there’s no need for a castoff and I kind of prefer it that way since seeing her like that would distort my view of the character.

Felicia (3)Felicia (4)
Only seams that stood out were the two outer fingers on her left hand.  They probably couldn’t be molded to the hand during the main manufacturing process and had to be added after.  Another issue was attaching the tail, the hole was too tight.  While in some cases this is a good thing, it isn’t with figures.  I had to shave a bit of the end off to get it in. In an effort not to damage the figure I initially kept it out of the pics but tried again and got it to fit.

Here’s hoping that Capcom continues this relationship with Megahouse as they make a great team.  i love Capcom as a company and hope increase my collection with Capcom Maniax


2 Responses to “Capcom Maniax’s Felicia is a Frisky Feline”

  1. lylibellule2208 said

    These are the first pictures I see the beauty. Petit regret not having bought, it is very beautiful! It changes regular figures.

  2. zerofigures said

    Hello, thank you for your comment. What do you mean exactly by it “changes regular figures”? do you mean that it’s different from regular figures?

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