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Queen’s Blade Melona – The Forgotten Beauty

Posted by zerofigures on October 9, 2008

It may come as a surprise to some but two figures from the “Queen’s” line were recently released.  The highly reviewed and loved Queen’s Gate Alice and the lesser step child Queen’s Blade Melona were released in August.  While I’ve seen numerous reviews of Alice.  I haven’t seen any of Melona and it’s a bit saddening.

Melona (11)
What did she ever do wrong?  Are her breasts too big to gather the same amount of attention as Alice?  Is her cutesy bunny look not as cool as Alice’s Loli Mercenary look?  Ok, true Melona is not as badass as Alice but don’t all PVC figures need a home?  I’m sure MegaHouse didn’t go through all the trouble of sculpting and painting this beauty just to have her sit on shelves across Japan, so why not give her a home.

Melona (2)Melona (3)

Lost Worlds refers to Melona as a frightening demon.  From what I can gather, she is a shape shifter and despite her cute exterior, can infinitely increase her physical strength.  The goo she sits in seems to have a life of its own.  A small sliver of goo has wrapped itself around the thigh of her right leg covering what I would call the biggest flaw of this figure.  While I may see this as a flaw, it’s highly likely that MegaHouse had no other option when crafting the figure.  Without the small creature wrapping it self around her thigh, the seam would claim a lot of negative attention.
Melona (7)

Melona’s hair provides her breasts with ample support and coverage in the form of hands.  While these hands can easily be moved aside to reveal her boobs, they are attached to her head.  Thus they cannot be removed and will eventually moves right back into place.  Also not the goo on her index finger, only Megahouse knows, what she’s been doing.
Melona (6)

The only articles of clothing that Melona seems to wear are shoulder armor, a skirt made of goo, a chastity strap which can be removed to reveal her “goods” and the shoes which have eyes. I am no stranger to cast-off figures and Malona provides a great one.  I would have preferred a cast off that allowed the chest to be visible without having to moves the hands all the time instead of having her shocking “goods” exposed for all to see.
Melona (12)

Queen’s Blade is famous for their cast offs and Melona keeps that history well and alive.  Though Melona’s cast off is not one that most will not be able to leave off permanently without feeling dirty, it’s great to have the option.  My figure did not sit perfectly on it’s base for the photo shoot but I’m sure that with time or a hot summer day, it will eventually find it’s ideal position.

Melona (15)

I hope to collect all Queen’s Blade figures, since I have them all so far.  They are great figures for adult collectors and definitely not for children.  They may look cute and cool but are best displayed with discretion.


2 Responses to “Queen’s Blade Melona – The Forgotten Beauty”

  1. BandAiD said

    Thanks for taking the time to review her, I’ve been trying to look around for more pictures of her other than her stock ones, she is a nice one but I think I prefer her limited edition version (I like mint green more than pink).

  2. zerofigures said

    I would have liked to get the limited as well but I think “pink” suits the figure better. plus i had this one preordered first and wasn’t impressed enough by the green to go the extra mile. Be sure to check out my Flickr for more pics if you need more convincing.

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