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It’s about damn time Nintendo.

Posted by zerofigures on October 2, 2008

YaY Nintendo YaY

YaY Nintendo YaY

According to Kotaku, Club Nintendo is finally coming to america.  Remember all of those first party games that you purchased and they included that little pamphlet with the unique code on the back?  Hopefully you do because now like the rest of the gaming territories in the world, you will be able to turn those into cool gaming swag courtesy of Nintendo. 

All around the world, faithful Nintendo customers have been enjoying the spoils of gaming in Europe, Japan, Australia, and even South Africa, but for some unknown reason this program had yet to reach North America.  I always ended up giving the codes to my girlfriend who is a Nintendo fan and holds on to them, now I’m wondering if I should get them back since they’ll be worth something now.  😉

After taking so long to introduce this program to North America, I can only assume this is a ploy to get people to start buying more of their first party games, since that evil R4DS thingy has probably taken a nibble out of their sales numbers.

Good job Nintendo , but it’s probably too little too late.  Though gaming sales seem to hold up during hard times, I’m pretty sure things may slow down soon since people would rather feed their families than play games.  I can only imagine that with the economy in such shambles people will soon be reluctant to pay $30-$50 month after month for gaming.  Many people may result to buying used games (which won’t come with the codes since they’ve already been used by the original purchaser).  But it’s probably a good thing for Gamestop employee’s who get to open brand new games and sell them as new even though they’ve been opened.

What do you think?  Too little too late?


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