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Queen’s Gate Alice by MegaHouse

Posted by zerofigures on October 1, 2008

QB Alice

Designed by NitroPlus (Nitro+), reviewed by just about everyone on the net Queen’s Gate Alice is the first second (info update – Thx BandAid)  in the Queen’s Gate line to be molded in PVC.  Don’t be mistaken, she is the first Second,  the previous releases from Megahouse have been (One Queen’s Gate and) Queen’s Blade characters.  Not many people know this and not many people pay attention to this (not that it really matters).

QB Alice (10)QB Alice (11)

I’m sure they are paying closer attention to the highly erotic figures and their cast off procedures.  Though many reviews have been posted and posted and posted,

QB Alice (2)QB Alice (12)

I have take taken some photos and will present them in simple-o-vision.  My skills are not up to par as with my fellow figure lovers but I enjoy presenting my view (and I hope you do too).

QB Alice (7)

One particular feature I love about the figure is the underwear and the lack of it, zing! But seriously I love how its uneven and pulled aside. I find it to be more realistic and even more erotic.

QB Alice (15)

The next best feature is the arsenal. Her weapons look quite deadly and very cool. I also can’t help but think that her silver gun highly represents a phallic symbol. It’s pointing straight at her groin and since the Queen’s Blade/Gate line is quite erotic, I suppose it’s appropriate.

QB Alice (17)

Small details matter with figures and I can’t forget to point out the little creatures found in her hair, holding her hair-do together. I can imagine them coming to life and slicing people up.

QB Alice (16)QB Alice (14)

Also want to point out that the heels of her boots are hearts. A nice companion to the hearts on the front of her boots.

The Queen’s Gate line has started off with a bang and if this is any sign of what is to come, I’ll be blowing a lot more cash on some PVC in the near future.  Well, that’s my review. Hopefully it was helpful in deciding on whether or not to purchase this figure. (if you can still find it at a decent price).

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5 Responses to “Queen’s Gate Alice by MegaHouse”

  1. BandAiD said

    Awesome review if you ask me, you obviously looked over it quite a bit, especially considering that you saw her boots have hearts on the bottom.

  2. zerofigures said

    Thank you very much BandAid. I definitely tried to do something different. Hopefully it paid off.

  3. BandAiD said

    Oh and I should mention that Nijihara Ink was actually the first in the Queens Gate line to be done, she was an Hobby Japan exclusive only, it was done by Clayz. However in the case of Megahouse QG, then yes.

  4. zerofigures said

    upon further investigation….I stand corrected.

    Thanks BandAid. The exclusiveness of the figure eluded my figure senses (since HLJ didn’t get it). It’s possible that I’ve seen her before but I believe it belongs more to the loli genre which i rarely deal in. Only PVC I have that comes close to loli is Another Blood and Nowa (which my GF doesn’t like).

  5. BandAiD said

    Yeah, I would say Ink is definitely more loli than Alice is. I’m considering tracking her down for my collection, just for completeness. Since QG is a new line, it might be easier to collect all those (I think starting on QB might be a bit hard). I’m planning on getting QG’s Shiranui Mai (another HJ exclusive), so hopefully I can snatch her up.

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