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Shunya Yamashita’s MC Axis P-40 Nose Art Girl

Posted by zerofigures on October 28, 2008

MC Axis

Everyone’s favorite artist, Shunya Yamashita is at it again.  His art has once again inspired a beautiful PVC adaptation. The latest beauty is known as MC Axis P-40 Nose Art Girl.  As a huge fan of Shuya’s art and PVC beauties, I recognized the figure style and knew I was going to have her.  Though knot familiar with the Manufacturer, RANA (according to HLJ), I was not put off.  I knew I had to take the chance to own her.
MC Axis (18)

I can’t say I’m a fan of past wars or fighter planes or any thing along that line, but I thought the concept was pretty cool.  I love the army green scheme and the addition of fighter planes aspects (art, gun, boots and propeller).
MC Axis (9)MC Axis (10)

From here propellers down to her combat boots, She is very easy on the eyes.  Only thing I’d change is her name.  I’d prefer she had a proper name to identify her. Not sure what MC Axis is and P-40 Nose Art Girl is long and not sexy.  I will now dub her Plane Jane.
MC Axis (1)MC Axis (2)

The P-40 Warhawk Tiger Shark is the type of plane that the shark image originated on. The internet is full of information on the history of the Warhawk for those interested.  Here’s a quick summary:

MC Axis (8)

“Over 16,000 P-40 Warhawks served throughout most fronts in the early days of WWII. Their success became legendary for the Allied forces operating in China, Burma and India.

The first P-40 flew in 1938 and it is considered the all-metal fighter and ground attack aircraft. It was used in great numbers in the Second World War.

The P-40 Warhawk is a version of the P-36 used to enable mass production of frontline fighters. About 13,738 of P-40 were produced in November 1944. They were used throughout the war by air forces of different nations. The success of the aircraft became legendary as front liners for the Allied forces.”

MC Axis (16)

She has a simple castoff process and is easy to handle. She can be displayed in a couple of variations and poses. Nothing to extravagant though, it is PVC and not intended to be posed. I’m just referring to her arms and optional clothing.
MC Axis (11)

For me this figrue was love at first sight.  With Shunya figures you can usually decide whether or not you will buy a figure at first sight.  I’ve seen a couple that I’m not really into but hope to pick up on sale somewhere someday. MC Axis P-40 Nose Art Girl can be found at HLJ though it is currently backordered. It’s price is a little higher than average but I think it’s worth it. It is still available at PlayAsia however, one of the few place to have it in stock.


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eBay Listings Part Deux

Posted by zerofigures on October 27, 2008

Just a preview of what’s to come within the next week in terms of eBay listing.

Ikki Tousen – Ryomou Shimei – Yamato

Shuraki -Nida (Needa) – Good Smile

Shuraki – Char Rhousemann – Good Smile sold

Street Fighter – Chun Li – Organic

Capcom vs SNK 2 – Mai Shiranui & Chun Li – San Diego ComiCon 2005 Exclusive sold

will update with links soon

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Figure Exclusives

Posted by zerofigures on October 20, 2008

With the recently announced Queen’s Gate Mai Shiranui being exclusive to Hobby Japan as a mail in, I cannot help but feel somewhat burned.  Obviously Japan is the center of the market, but a vast majority of collectors do not live in Japan (I for one).  Having a figure be exclusive to retailer is unfair, especially having a figure exclusive to a retailer which will not ship outside of Japan.  It causes many people to miss out on items that they want.  Some may know of other routes to go to obtain their “precious”, but not all do. 

One route is the dreaded eBay.  Hopefully this figure is not bootlegged and people won’t end up buying fake figures.  The other method is a proxy service, where someone in Japan orders the item for you, and when they receive it, they in turn ship it to you.  I have done this once and have had pleasant results.  I was a bit afraid at first because I had just given some dude in Japan my hard earned greenbacks but everything worked it.  This service is not for the paranoid as you’ll be constantly wondering if your precious will ever arrive.  With no one to really have your back when dealing with proxies, I feel like its a risk, but I’d do it again for a HTF PVC.  And oh yeah, they do charge a fee, which can differ depending upon who you go to. 

Apparently some companies feel this is a good idea and maybe in a few ways it is.  But only in a few ways, which benefit the retailer selling the item and not the end user/consumer.  Since it’s a Hobby Japan mail in exclusive, people will have to buy the magazine which will drive up print sales.  By Megahouse giving such a sought after figure to Hobby Japan, HJ more than likely agreed to give Megahouse’s figures a large amount of placement in there magazine of something of the sort.  Basically a “one hand washes the other” kind of deal.  While I do not know the specifics of the two companies and how they maybe related, it just doesn’t do anything positive for the collectors.

Coincidentally, while reading Billboard Magazine this morning, HMV Canada is starting a “say no to retail exclusives” campaign.  In their full one page ad, they show how popular artists such as AC/DC, Christina Aguilera, and John Mellencamp have already said no to retail exclusives on Canada.  Apparently through online surveys taken by thousands of people, consumers have expressed that “they don’t like these retail exclusives” and “they don’t like being told where to shop for their music”. 

It’s not just consumers that don’t like exclusives; other retailers missing out don’t like them either.  I worked in the music business for nearly 5 years and a number of exclusive tracks have crossed my path.  Whether it be a remix to a #1 single or an exclusive backstage footage clip, the bonus that retailer “X” does not receive while retailer “Y” does, hurts retailer “X”.  It means lower sales for retailer “X”.  Consider a mom and pop shop or an internet startup who can’t afford to get a bonus exclusive, while a retail giant like Best Buy does, they obviously won’t be able to stay in business very long.  That reminds me of an old Martin Paint shop and ACE true Value Hardware that used to be in my area.  Once the Home Depot came to town they just couldn’t compete with their prices and deals and had to close up shop.

Exclusives do not support the industry, IMO they cripple it.  Those who are able to get their hands on an exclusive item are able to charge a markup and may be buying primarily for resale purposes and not to enjoy the item as normal consumers might.

I for one call for an end to PVC figure exclusives.  While this entire page is in regard to music exclusives, the idea is the same.  I don’t like retail exclusives and i don’t like being told where to buy my PVC from.


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My Japanese Coach has finally arrived!

Posted by zerofigures on October 17, 2008

Thank you Nintendo!  We’ve seen, My Word Coach, My French Coach, My Chinese Coach, and My Spanish Coach and finally My Japanese Coach has arrived.

My” blank” Coach is a popular learning series on The Nintendo DS.   The games are intended to give you a basic understanding of various languages.  For those in america who are somewhat infatuated with Japanese life, music, art, etc. this is a great way to learn more on the go.

It comes off as a game of course but it’s intention is to teach and it does a great job.  Imagine playing a game getting to the boss and memorizing a pattern to defeat the game.  This game does that but what you’re actually learning is Katakana, Hiragana, numbers, colors, days of the wee, etc.

This is a great tool for kids and grown ups alike.  I’m in my late 20’s and have take about 6 months of Japanese classes here in New York at quite a high cost.  This game/learning tool is just a fraction of the cost and provides great entertainment while at the same time increasing your knowledge.

This is a must have for anyone with a Nintendo DS.

It is also available at
My Japanese Coach
My Chinese Coach
My French Coach
My Spanish Coach
My Word Coach

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Capcom Maniax’s Felicia is a Frisky Feline

Posted by zerofigures on October 17, 2008

Just got my new Capcom Maniax figure yesterday.  She is Felicia of Capcom’s Darkstalkers also known as Night Warriors and Vampire Savior.  This half woman, half cat is one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite series.  I have been following the series since 1996 on the Playstation.  She’s probably the first character that I ever used during gameplay.  I always go for speed and agility over strength and power.  Or maybe it’s just the eyes, since I went straight for Mai Shiranui in Fatal Fury.

Felicia (8)
But I digress, this is the third release in the Capcom Maniax line.  It was released not too long after the initial two, Ibuki and R. Mika.  Since the first were released as a set i was hoping for another to be released along side Felicia, but alas, nothing.  I am sure that Morrigan (or any other Darkstalkers female charcter) would have been 2nd figure in this release.

Felicia (1)Felicia (2)
Felicia is a great figure with a unique pose unlike most figures released as of late.  Just looking at this figure makes me want to dust off Darkstalers 3 and get a few rounds in.  The figure seems to come to life as she scales the wall minding the gap.

Felicia (6)
The figure screams Felicia and represents her well from her blue eyes, to her claws, to her hair standing on end. I believe this is the second Felicia to be released within the past year and it does not disappoint.  I had the other pre-ordered but after seeing it at a convention, I quickly canceled my order.

Felicia (9)Felicia (14)
She looks like a playful pussy stalking her prey.  With not much covering her in the first place, there’s no need for a castoff and I kind of prefer it that way since seeing her like that would distort my view of the character.

Felicia (3)Felicia (4)
Only seams that stood out were the two outer fingers on her left hand.  They probably couldn’t be molded to the hand during the main manufacturing process and had to be added after.  Another issue was attaching the tail, the hole was too tight.  While in some cases this is a good thing, it isn’t with figures.  I had to shave a bit of the end off to get it in. In an effort not to damage the figure I initially kept it out of the pics but tried again and got it to fit.

Here’s hoping that Capcom continues this relationship with Megahouse as they make a great team.  i love Capcom as a company and hope increase my collection with Capcom Maniax

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Queen’s Blade Melona – The Forgotten Beauty

Posted by zerofigures on October 9, 2008

It may come as a surprise to some but two figures from the “Queen’s” line were recently released.  The highly reviewed and loved Queen’s Gate Alice and the lesser step child Queen’s Blade Melona were released in August.  While I’ve seen numerous reviews of Alice.  I haven’t seen any of Melona and it’s a bit saddening.

Melona (11)
What did she ever do wrong?  Are her breasts too big to gather the same amount of attention as Alice?  Is her cutesy bunny look not as cool as Alice’s Loli Mercenary look?  Ok, true Melona is not as badass as Alice but don’t all PVC figures need a home?  I’m sure MegaHouse didn’t go through all the trouble of sculpting and painting this beauty just to have her sit on shelves across Japan, so why not give her a home.

Melona (2)Melona (3)

Lost Worlds refers to Melona as a frightening demon.  From what I can gather, she is a shape shifter and despite her cute exterior, can infinitely increase her physical strength.  The goo she sits in seems to have a life of its own.  A small sliver of goo has wrapped itself around the thigh of her right leg covering what I would call the biggest flaw of this figure.  While I may see this as a flaw, it’s highly likely that MegaHouse had no other option when crafting the figure.  Without the small creature wrapping it self around her thigh, the seam would claim a lot of negative attention.
Melona (7)

Melona’s hair provides her breasts with ample support and coverage in the form of hands.  While these hands can easily be moved aside to reveal her boobs, they are attached to her head.  Thus they cannot be removed and will eventually moves right back into place.  Also not the goo on her index finger, only Megahouse knows, what she’s been doing.
Melona (6)

The only articles of clothing that Melona seems to wear are shoulder armor, a skirt made of goo, a chastity strap which can be removed to reveal her “goods” and the shoes which have eyes. I am no stranger to cast-off figures and Malona provides a great one.  I would have preferred a cast off that allowed the chest to be visible without having to moves the hands all the time instead of having her shocking “goods” exposed for all to see.
Melona (12)

Queen’s Blade is famous for their cast offs and Melona keeps that history well and alive.  Though Melona’s cast off is not one that most will not be able to leave off permanently without feeling dirty, it’s great to have the option.  My figure did not sit perfectly on it’s base for the photo shoot but I’m sure that with time or a hot summer day, it will eventually find it’s ideal position.

Melona (15)

I hope to collect all Queen’s Blade figures, since I have them all so far.  They are great figures for adult collectors and definitely not for children.  They may look cute and cool but are best displayed with discretion.

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Posted by zerofigures on October 2, 2008

“One whose drill will pierce the heavens”

At what point do you decide an anime is great?  Can you tell 5 episode into the series? 10? 12?  Lots of people decide whether an anime is worth watching within the first handful of episodes.  Many quit and banish an anime from their memory with no knowledge of what they are missing.

Going into a series and expecting to be satisfied immediately can lead you to miss out on the greatness that a series may truly be.  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a great series that upon completion should leave the viewer wanting so much more.  I personally had no issues with any episodes but I tend not to nit-pick, just let it go.  With so much going for it the small things really are insignificant.

With an awsome soundtrack and one the best intros (performed by the lovely Shouko Nakagawa) I can remember, Gurren Lagann stands out amongst the best of late.  As with most animes, the introduction of a song at just the right moment can be critical and in my opinion Gurren Lagann pulls it off flawlessly.  Though it doesn’t have an abundance of selections, it’s still fun and a great listen.

The Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Original Soundtrack can be purchased at Playasia

So much of the series seems to unfold as shocking events, I’ll do my best not to mention any of them since it’s best discovered on your own.  After many twists and turns, you kinda get used to it, but all that does is make you want more and more.  The introduction of main characters is well done and side characters come together to perform substantial roles throughout the storyline.

About half way through the series it ends and reboots itself showing the evolution of the characters sometime later.  The later episodes rewards us with a similar plot to the first half but with new problems.  Not aware of consequences foretold, our heros/heroines are faced with a new problem they themselves have unknowingly created.  I know I’m being a bit vague but I really don’t wanna spoil anything for anyone since I enjoyed the so much.

I went into TTGL through nobody’s recommendation.  It was purely curiosity and probably images of Yoko and Gurren Laggan.  Despite starting off slow and people hating particular episodes, the show has managed to gather a huge following.  Along with a heavy merchandising blitz (including PVC figures (some of which I have reviewed) , shirts, mugs, a video game and the usual anime related merchandise), Gurren Lagann has spawned a movie which was release on September 6th.  A second movie has also been mentioned.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann for the Nintendo DS

It’s been my pleasure to share my views of TTGL with you and urge you to watch the series if you haven’t already and complete it if you gave up on it too early.  Hopefully, I haven’t said too much and you will feel as good as I felt upon completion of the series.  Now if the movie would only make it stateside.

Also over here in N.A – I remember catching a couple of episode on the Sci-Fi network as part of their Ani-Monday block at the 11pm EST.  Of course the episodes are dubbed w/no subs, but if I do remember correctly, at least the intro was still the original.

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It’s about damn time Nintendo.

Posted by zerofigures on October 2, 2008

YaY Nintendo YaY

YaY Nintendo YaY

According to Kotaku, Club Nintendo is finally coming to america.  Remember all of those first party games that you purchased and they included that little pamphlet with the unique code on the back?  Hopefully you do because now like the rest of the gaming territories in the world, you will be able to turn those into cool gaming swag courtesy of Nintendo. 

All around the world, faithful Nintendo customers have been enjoying the spoils of gaming in Europe, Japan, Australia, and even South Africa, but for some unknown reason this program had yet to reach North America.  I always ended up giving the codes to my girlfriend who is a Nintendo fan and holds on to them, now I’m wondering if I should get them back since they’ll be worth something now.  😉

After taking so long to introduce this program to North America, I can only assume this is a ploy to get people to start buying more of their first party games, since that evil R4DS thingy has probably taken a nibble out of their sales numbers.

Good job Nintendo , but it’s probably too little too late.  Though gaming sales seem to hold up during hard times, I’m pretty sure things may slow down soon since people would rather feed their families than play games.  I can only imagine that with the economy in such shambles people will soon be reluctant to pay $30-$50 month after month for gaming.  Many people may result to buying used games (which won’t come with the codes since they’ve already been used by the original purchaser).  But it’s probably a good thing for Gamestop employee’s who get to open brand new games and sell them as new even though they’ve been opened.

What do you think?  Too little too late?

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Queen’s Gate Alice by MegaHouse

Posted by zerofigures on October 1, 2008

QB Alice

Designed by NitroPlus (Nitro+), reviewed by just about everyone on the net Queen’s Gate Alice is the first second (info update – Thx BandAid)  in the Queen’s Gate line to be molded in PVC.  Don’t be mistaken, she is the first Second,  the previous releases from Megahouse have been (One Queen’s Gate and) Queen’s Blade characters.  Not many people know this and not many people pay attention to this (not that it really matters).

QB Alice (10)QB Alice (11)

I’m sure they are paying closer attention to the highly erotic figures and their cast off procedures.  Though many reviews have been posted and posted and posted,

QB Alice (2)QB Alice (12)

I have take taken some photos and will present them in simple-o-vision.  My skills are not up to par as with my fellow figure lovers but I enjoy presenting my view (and I hope you do too).

QB Alice (7)

One particular feature I love about the figure is the underwear and the lack of it, zing! But seriously I love how its uneven and pulled aside. I find it to be more realistic and even more erotic.

QB Alice (15)

The next best feature is the arsenal. Her weapons look quite deadly and very cool. I also can’t help but think that her silver gun highly represents a phallic symbol. It’s pointing straight at her groin and since the Queen’s Blade/Gate line is quite erotic, I suppose it’s appropriate.

QB Alice (17)

Small details matter with figures and I can’t forget to point out the little creatures found in her hair, holding her hair-do together. I can imagine them coming to life and slicing people up.

QB Alice (16)QB Alice (14)

Also want to point out that the heels of her boots are hearts. A nice companion to the hearts on the front of her boots.

The Queen’s Gate line has started off with a bang and if this is any sign of what is to come, I’ll be blowing a lot more cash on some PVC in the near future.  Well, that’s my review. Hopefully it was helpful in deciding on whether or not to purchase this figure. (if you can still find it at a decent price).

Currently sold out at


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