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Lily Salvatana of Satsuriku no Jango by Alter

Posted by zerofigures on September 29, 2008

Lily S-Box
Lily Salvatana is the 3rd Nitro+ release by Alter featuring the ladies of Satsuriku no Jango.  The first to be released was Donne Anonime , then Franco Il Nero and now Lily Salvatana.  They are from a Japan Only game named “Tre Donne Crudeli” to my knowledge.

Click here for the official website of these gun toting vixens

I now own all 3 figures, but haven’t reviewed the previous two yet.  They are somewhere in my stockpile of figures awaiting the day they are released from their plastic and cardboard hell.  Though Lily is the last, she certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Lily S-20
She’s got a lot of detail everywhere from her pose, right down to her boots.  While she might seem like the perfect candidate for it, she is sadly lacking castoff-ability.  While she definitely doesn’t need it, it would have been a bit of a bonus.  Her hair does a great job of spreading out and adding to the beauty of the figure.  The hair helps to cover her backside and add a sense of discreteness that screams “there’s more back here than booty.”

Her boots have a beautiful design, though the spurs are not realistically sharp.
Lily S-15

The gun actually fits in the holster, so the holster is not just for show.  My figure came with a little something extra as a bonus.  A rock.  Opened the holster and attempted to put the gun in but it wouldn’t fit.  Looked inside and what do I find a small rock, perfectly wedged in there.  Came out easily with tweezers.
Lily S-14

If her ears are any indication, Lily is an elf.  I can see no other reason for her ears to be so pointy and unfortunately my Japanese is not at the level where I am able to understand the website.  She comes with 3 pairs of wire frames which act as glasses. The glasses do add a bit of sexiness to the figure which is cool.
Lily S-13

I tried something new with the lighting and I think it works for most of the pictures. I think it kinda adds age to the photo. Appropriately like an old western document. Feedback is welcome.

Enjoy the photos,


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