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Attack of the Red Rings

Posted by zerofigures on September 25, 2008

2 nights ago my xbox 360 died, but as disappointed as I was, I wasn’t completely infuriated.  Knowing my system was covered and would be replaced kept me from crying.  And I’m also playing Persona 3 a lot lately so I still have something to do.

My night went something like this.  Arrived home, called my boy to confirm some Halo 3 that night due to the new update.  He agreed to a later time so I decided to go on and get the update anyway.  Got the update and shut system down.  I always turn my system off properly.

Go back on later to play and game freezes during Halo menu screen.  Turn system off and turn back on; it freezes on the dashboard.  Turn on again and RED RINGS.  I won’t bore you with many specifics but I did the usual plug in/plug out/remove HD/attach HD and still Red Rings.  So I called MS and they send me label and off she goes to TX.  Worst part about this is that Lego Batman arrived today for my 360 and is rendered unplayable.  ARGH!  I did get a cool lil’ Lego Catwoman with the game.

I some how feel this has to be due to the Halo update.  I hadn’t played the 360 in 2 wks and this happens.  I know 360 are plagued my RED Rings but I’m not gonna whine about it like some people.  As much as I love games, I’ve got lots of things to do to hold me over.  So thanks Bungie and MS for forcing me to play Persona 3 for the next 4 weeks.


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