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Shunya Yamashita’s Niniane

Posted by zerofigures on August 27, 2008

Niniane (00)

Got home today and this little beauty is waiting for me.  Now some people might recognize this figure without legs.  Kotobukiya has been releasing these Shunya Yamashita figures as busts (a figure that ends at the torso).  I love all of the busts but refuse to buy them because the prices are quite high and I feel like I’m only getting half of a figure. I’ll never understand why such beauties have to go without legs. Part of me feels that its laziness on part of the manufacturer.  Not surprisingly there seems to be quite a few busts coming in the next couple of months.

Niniane (02)

Luckily E2046 decided to upgrade the busts by adding legs.  Adding legs to the figure completes it and seems to add another dimension of beauty.  Now the addition of the legs does come with a higher price tag but I believe its well worth it.  My order was supposed to ship a few weeks ago but went back due to minor imperfections or something.  It shipped last week and arrived today and all seems to be well.

Niniane (05)Niniane (09)

This is basically what you get for the extra cash. E2046 likes to add their person touch to the figures, adding some sort of special aspect. This time they have added a plastic puddle of water beneath Niniane’s feet. It goes well with her since her hair seems to be soaking wet. Despite the hair covering her right breast and not able to actually be displayed, another nice touch is the realistic Boob with Nip. Her left breast has a slot to insert the sword tab.

Niniane (15)

Shion was the first to receive this honor, and Niniane is the second.  Noel and Karin will be arriving soon.  All figures look like a lot of time and work are going into them.  A big thank you to E2046 for the opportunity to own these figures as we want them.  It is both good for consumers and a great business opportunity.  Keep up the good work.

Photo gallery can be found on my Flickr.




3 Responses to “Shunya Yamashita’s Niniane”

  1. […] and Noel, lack nothing in the hot and sexy department.  If you’ve seen my previous review of Niniane, then you will realize this review is along the same lines and find out why these two figures are […]

  2. KELTHULAS said

    hey what was the prize for this figurine @ e2046?

  3. zerofigures said

    Hello Kelthulas, when I got the figure it was about $125 about (2008-08-21)

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