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Sexy but deadly Capcom Maniax

Posted by zerofigures on August 26, 2008


Here are two of the newer releases from Mega House, Capcom Maniax’s Ibuki and Rainbow Mika (aka R. Mika).  As a fan of Capcom and Street Fighter I must say that these are two very nice figures.  I felt that the poses captured the characters quite nicely and suit each character individually.


With Ibuki standing atop the steeple, she just oozes “ninja” as she holds her Kunai (which are pretty damn sharp BTW).  Whether shes removing or applying her mask, she’s still a bad@ss lady ninja.  I only had Ibuki assembled for a minute but i’m pretty sure that within time she will become a leaner.  the steeple attaches to the round base.  Atop the steeple is a steel rod about a 1cm.  The rod goes into her foot.  Oh and the two large strands of hair can be detached.

R Mika (4)

While busty and bootyful R. Mika seems to be in somewhat of a taunt, which I can imagine her doing in the ring.  The pigtails add more cuteness to R. Mika that her smile already does.  I also photographed a gashapon bust of R. Mika that I have displayed in my room so please don’t think it’s included with the full size figure purchase.  Just wanted to show “the evolution of R. Mika”

Ibuki (4)R Mika (5)

These Capcom Maniax line will be followed up by Felicia, the half cat, all woman character from Darkstalkers aka Night Warriors aka Vampire Savior in a few months.

These are definitely two figures that I won’t be ebaying anytime soon. but you can find the ones that I have on eBay currently here.

The rest of the photos can be found on my Flickr.

Enjoy the pics



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  1. […] the third release in the Capcom Maniax line.  It was released not too long after the initial two, Ibuki and R. Mika.  Since the first were released as a set i was hoping for another to be released along side […]

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