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Posted by zerofigures on August 18, 2008

What is it with me and the ‘interweb’?  I mean really, I’m no noob.  While attempting to upload the new Yoko Pics, I was asked by Flickr to enter a web address.  They say it can’t be changed and they stressed this point like 2 or 3 times, but since I was in the process of uploading the Yoko Pics, I’m figure that it’s the web address for the Yoko Set of Pics.  No. Not at all.  It’s for my entire account.   And since I don’t need everything I post on flickr to mention Yoko in the web address, I decide to delete the account and start over from scratch since there weren’t tooo many pics to begin with.  Well little did I know this would be such a complicaed process.

Instead of you drooling over pictures of Yoko, I’m updating you with info that I can’t update you with the pics until Flickr gets back to me about updating my new account.

…I tried.



2 Responses to “GRRR”

  1. Erwin said

    Use Picasa’s Web Albums. They allow you to upload 1gb worth of full resolution photos (my gallery here:

  2. zerofigures said

    Erwin sir, you have just made my life a bit more complicated. I now have more accounts to memorize. but Alas I shall. Thank you and nice albums by the way, you seem to be quite a world traveler. If I get this Picasa thing down tonight I may get the pics up in between my anime session. Do you suggest downloading the Picasa Application?

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