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Shunya Yamashita’s Niniane

Posted by zerofigures on August 27, 2008

Niniane (00)

Got home today and this little beauty is waiting for me.  Now some people might recognize this figure without legs.  Kotobukiya has been releasing these Shunya Yamashita figures as busts (a figure that ends at the torso).  I love all of the busts but refuse to buy them because the prices are quite high and I feel like I’m only getting half of a figure. I’ll never understand why such beauties have to go without legs. Part of me feels that its laziness on part of the manufacturer.  Not surprisingly there seems to be quite a few busts coming in the next couple of months.

Niniane (02)

Luckily E2046 decided to upgrade the busts by adding legs.  Adding legs to the figure completes it and seems to add another dimension of beauty.  Now the addition of the legs does come with a higher price tag but I believe its well worth it.  My order was supposed to ship a few weeks ago but went back due to minor imperfections or something.  It shipped last week and arrived today and all seems to be well.

Niniane (05)Niniane (09)

This is basically what you get for the extra cash. E2046 likes to add their person touch to the figures, adding some sort of special aspect. This time they have added a plastic puddle of water beneath Niniane’s feet. It goes well with her since her hair seems to be soaking wet. Despite the hair covering her right breast and not able to actually be displayed, another nice touch is the realistic Boob with Nip. Her left breast has a slot to insert the sword tab.

Niniane (15)

Shion was the first to receive this honor, and Niniane is the second.  Noel and Karin will be arriving soon.  All figures look like a lot of time and work are going into them.  A big thank you to E2046 for the opportunity to own these figures as we want them.  It is both good for consumers and a great business opportunity.  Keep up the good work.

Photo gallery can be found on my Flickr.



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Sexy but deadly Capcom Maniax

Posted by zerofigures on August 26, 2008


Here are two of the newer releases from Mega House, Capcom Maniax’s Ibuki and Rainbow Mika (aka R. Mika).  As a fan of Capcom and Street Fighter I must say that these are two very nice figures.  I felt that the poses captured the characters quite nicely and suit each character individually.


With Ibuki standing atop the steeple, she just oozes “ninja” as she holds her Kunai (which are pretty damn sharp BTW).  Whether shes removing or applying her mask, she’s still a bad@ss lady ninja.  I only had Ibuki assembled for a minute but i’m pretty sure that within time she will become a leaner.  the steeple attaches to the round base.  Atop the steeple is a steel rod about a 1cm.  The rod goes into her foot.  Oh and the two large strands of hair can be detached.

R Mika (4)

While busty and bootyful R. Mika seems to be in somewhat of a taunt, which I can imagine her doing in the ring.  The pigtails add more cuteness to R. Mika that her smile already does.  I also photographed a gashapon bust of R. Mika that I have displayed in my room so please don’t think it’s included with the full size figure purchase.  Just wanted to show “the evolution of R. Mika”

Ibuki (4)R Mika (5)

These Capcom Maniax line will be followed up by Felicia, the half cat, all woman character from Darkstalkers aka Night Warriors aka Vampire Savior in a few months.

These are definitely two figures that I won’t be ebaying anytime soon. but you can find the ones that I have on eBay currently here.

The rest of the photos can be found on my Flickr.

Enjoy the pics


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Selling Figures

Posted by zerofigures on August 24, 2008

I knew the day would come but I didn’t think it would be so soon.
The time has come for me to sell off some figures. Just making more room for other figures so I can’t exactly promise anyone will find a “deal” but a lot of the figures may long be out of production and very hard to find.

I don’t dib and dab with fake figures so everything is 100% legit and authentic. Otherwise I wouldn’t be selling it, I’d be using it as a paper weight.

Here’s a picture of what will be posted soon. Most are up already but I’ve been at this for quite some time and need a break.

Items in the picture include:

1/4 Daiki Kougyo Sengoku Blade Koyori
Sengoku Ace Koyori (it’s actually box fresh and still wrapped in tissue paper.
(1) (Blue) Dead or Alive Kasumi Sega Prize Figures
(1) (White) Dead or Alive Kasumi Sega Prize Figures
(1) (Blue) Kaiyodo Bome Dead or Alive Kasumi
(1) (White) Kaiyodo Bome Dead or Alive Kasumi
Kaiyodo Bome’s Ignis
Kaiyodo Revoltech Convoy (Optimus Prime)
Capcom vs SNK Millenium Fighting 2001 – Mai Shiranui and Chun Li (San Diego Comicon 2005 ver)

also selling my Simpsons Limited Edition Sony Slim PSP with The Simpsons Game.

Everything here is brand new factory sealed, never opened.
So don’t worry about anything being used or displayed.

Let me know if you have any questions.

click on pic for auction listings.

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1/6 Rei Ayanami Plug Suit Version PVC

Posted by zerofigures on August 21, 2008

REI (1) Today’s specimen is Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami, Plug Suit Ver by Kotobukiya.  I’ve seens this listed as “You are (not) alone” at different sites, why exactly I do not know, maybe it’s a reference to the her pose or something but I just seem to think of M.J.

REI (3)

This is one of those figures that I will never regret purchasing.  It’s sexy without being erotic and the pose is simply beautiful.  I don’t have to worry about other people seeing this and being offended.  The paint Job is good and the curves are VERY well done

REI (8)

There is no need to remove this figure from the box as it’s plastic and see through.  Though leaving it in the box will not allow the true beauty of this figure to shine through.  Pictures on the internet almost make the hair look translucent, but It’s not, it’s just shaded nicely.

REI (4)

While its looks like she’s actually on a rock, it’s a rock sculpted to look like an EVA-00 prototype Mecha.  It’s a great figure from every angle, and I must say, a must have for any Rei Ayanami fan.


While this is a damn good Rei, I think my favorite will always be my Shunya Yamashita version Rei Ayanami (another must have for Rei Fans).  Hopefully I’ll get another Rei soon.

As normal, there are more in my flickr account, navigate to find and enjoy the pics.


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1/7 Yoko Ritona PVC

Posted by zerofigures on August 20, 2008


So finally here she is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s Yoko Ritona by EnterBrain.  First off, I’m no professional behind the camera but I have fun with what I do.  I hope you can find something of use with the pics, whether it be creating wallpaper, or influencing your decision on buying or not buying a figure.

I had a hell of a time getting the rifle into her hands.  I really didn’t expect her to have Kung Fu grip so I had trouble getting the gun in while trying not to damage the figure.  Some of the fingers actually seemed to be stuck together.  you can pretty much come up with your own opinion on paint job, color, etc. but I feel she is a very solid figure.  A great job by Enterbrain

UPDATE – I was provided with a link to instructions on how to attach the rifle.  Too bad it didn’t come with the figure! Link is Here.   thx gurugurutrex of nekomagic.

Enough talk, pics!

YOKO (1)First off, the Rifle, an incredible 10.5 inches. Nice, but it could’ve only been better if the stand actually worked.

YOKO (3)For those who like feet, the boots.

YOKO (35)A close up on Yamako Sensei, lol.

YOKO (22)Yoko…bringing sexy back.

YOKO (11)I love the realism of the thighs, thick where she needs to be thick.

YOKO (24)Left Side View

YOKO (25)Right lower side view.

YOKO (30)

Full Figure View

This is an awesome figure from an awesome anime. For those who haven’t seen it, if you are into dubbed anime, check it out on the Sci-Fi network, Mondays @ 11pm EST.

This is in fact my second Yoko figure, and probably will not be my last. The Space Suit version is schedule to be out soon (check with your local figure retailer) but I’ve yet to preorder since it did not wow me at first sight. Yoko also had another form in the anime (check above for a hint), so I am to assume that the onslaught of Gurren Lagann products will not be coming to an end any time soon.

The full set of pictures can be found here.

For more information on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, you can head over to Anime News Network.

That’s all for now. Will post another set soon.

Thanks for viewing, and please let me know what you think.

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Posted by zerofigures on August 18, 2008

What is it with me and the ‘interweb’?  I mean really, I’m no noob.  While attempting to upload the new Yoko Pics, I was asked by Flickr to enter a web address.  They say it can’t be changed and they stressed this point like 2 or 3 times, but since I was in the process of uploading the Yoko Pics, I’m figure that it’s the web address for the Yoko Set of Pics.  No. Not at all.  It’s for my entire account.   And since I don’t need everything I post on flickr to mention Yoko in the web address, I decide to delete the account and start over from scratch since there weren’t tooo many pics to begin with.  Well little did I know this would be such a complicaed process.

Instead of you drooling over pictures of Yoko, I’m updating you with info that I can’t update you with the pics until Flickr gets back to me about updating my new account.

…I tried.


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Just Great….

Posted by zerofigures on August 14, 2008

So I am new to this whole WordPress thingy and here I am trying to delete a comment I posted to a posting and without realizing it, I delete the whole post. Great.  It was basically about the Dark Knight and how Heath Ledger did an awesome job but the rest of the movie was just ok.  Dammit, and that posting had my first comment ever on it too.  I’m a bit mad right now but I know there will be more posters in the future right?  You’ll post something one day and let me know that you’re out there….right?

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Lack of Updates

Posted by zerofigures on August 13, 2008

I’m Sorry.  To you who may be reading this I am sorry.  This is just a quick update to show that I have not forgotten about the blog, it’s still a baby but currently, my lack of time to myself has made me prioritize and the blog has suffered.  Despite the influx of figures toys and games still coming, taking pictures, uploading and trying to figure this stuff out ain’t easy but I will get around to it.

and a Big Thank You to myfirst commenter on “The Dark Knight

See You Soon…I promise.

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